A weekend with the iPhone 8! | Pocketnow

this is the iPhone 8 the smallest

version of Apple's current flagship and

probably the phone you'll see in most

hands of year in the United States are

certain other markets a lot of people

call it the iPhone 7s for obvious

reasons but my first weekend with it has

proven it to be more I'm high middle

even with pocket now and this is what

I've learned so far from my honeymoon

phase brought to you by deep brand after

using the iPhone 7 plus says one of my

primary phones I decided to switch back

after the buzz video explains how I just

didn't feel that I was getting my

money's worth I never used it to exhume

and the battery life just wasn't at all

great I've been using the iPhone 8 since

Friday and boy is it great to go back to

a phone you can actually handle a minor

maneuver and I can touch all four

corners of this display and the glass

finish reminds me of the LG G 6 which

means it's not too slippery in the hand

then you approach the space great color

option is a more lighter tone of black

it actually reminds me of the quite

black Google pixel setting enough for

the first time as a blend of old and new

and by new pretty much the only thing

that's changed is that if you have an

old device running iOS 11 already it's

just the quick snapshot to restore from

the old phone but I had already wiped my

old phone so I had to start with the

basic manual way which means you set up

language Wi-Fi to achieve initial

Network activation once you follow the

process and you set up touch ID and then

you're asked if you'd like to set up the

phone as new or if you'd like to restore

from iCloud or iTunes iCloud restores

are my personal favorite I love how all

your applications home screen layout and

settings are all ported like if they

were a carbon copy of your previous

phone right down to the photo gallery

and even the music downloaded you then

set up the sensitivity of the home

button and things like Apple pay and

Siri are optional things you can set up

later and after that's all done you are

taken to your new home screen which yes

hasn't changed at all at Bose there are

a few new wallpapers to remind us of

what's coming with the iPhone 10 we have

a separate video detailing everything

that's changed in iOS 11 which in

iPhones isn't really as much as what you

get in iPads my favorite so far is

definitely the new approach to control

center how you can add or remove options

and how you can also rearrange them I

also like the new layout of the App

Store even if the learning curve has

been a bit much over the last few days

another thing I praise is that two-tone

technology has made the jump from iPads

to iPhones to have this LCD adapt to its

surroundings and if you chose the 64

gigabyte iPhone 8 offloading

applications you don't use commonly as a

true space saver but to be honest with

you Iowa's 11 and the iPhone 8 are most

relevant to me when it comes to

performance this phone is blazing fast

and that's even with the 179

applications I have installed I also

began to use AR kit with services like

ikea and this is just genius to be able

to see if furniture fits in an area

without having to guess it's just one of

the many scenarios where augmented

reality is really useful best of all I

don't know what it is but this is the

first ever non plus iPhone that I've

ever used where the battery has lasted

through a day I spent both Saturday and

Sunday in Manhattan and even with the

terrible Network in the city with the

Apple watch series 3 connected low power

mode switched off I was able to end the

day with at least 20% battery life

whatever optimizations Apple has between

iOS 11 and the a11 chip have certainly

paid off so far and I also have the same

opinion about the camera this is being

dubbed as one of the best cameras of

2017 and my initial impressions that's

actually very accurate

I can't wait for Juan's real camera

review coming soon but in a nutshell

there are things that the iPhone 8 can

do that not even the camera that I'm

filming this video with can do for

example I can't record slow-motion 1080p

video at 240 frames per second on my


and even more expensive cameras can't do

4k at 60 frames per second and even if

he won't use these things all the time

the fact that the iPhone 8 can do all

this out of the box is really

astonishing obviously this is just after

a weekend of use in my next video I'll

focus on the differences between the

iPhone 7 in order to help you decide if

it's worth the upgrade you can also

expect want a shimon with more content

on his experience with the iPhone 8 plus

and keep in mind that grabbing this new

iPhone means that the glass will most

likely become a fingerprint magnet the

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