Product RED iPhone 8 Unboxing & First Impressions!


hey guys something on here today we're

taking a look at the iPhone 8 and the

new product red color now this phone

retails for is seven hundred dollars

just like any other iPhone eight and you

can also get the iPhone 8 plus in red

and that retails for eight hundred bucks

of course plus tax

not just like last year's iPhone 7 this

year Apple decided to take out a red

iPhone eight

unfortunately no iPhone 10 who knows why

but let's go ahead and get right into

this and check it out

basically the box you'll see that

everything is colored red a little bit

let's remove that film and you can see

the box a little bit better there but we

have the phone itself here the iPhone

logo here is tinted red a little bit so

is the Apple logo and it looks really

nice and on the back just gives you some

of the information about the phone now

one of the things I really love about

this year's red one is that it has a

black screen so it seems like Apple is

finally catching on and they're gonna

start to release black only front

screens and have you know a few maybe

white-fronted screens for the older

phones but in here you do get a little

product red pamphlet which looks really

nice as well as do you welcome to iPhone

SIM card eject tool and your Apple

stickers this one's folded and that's

that and here of course we are gonna get

the phone itself black front red back

and it looks amazing since this isn't

aluminum and you know it has that glass

back so it's gonna look a little bit

different to the iPhone 7 I personally

preferred maybe the iPhone sevens metal

look but this looks really good let's go

ahead and release the film here so you

guys can see that now of course in the

box you're not gonna get anything that

special you're just gonna get the AC

adapter some ear pods and a lightning

cable nothing else that's read would be

nice if something else was read but I

guess the phone itself is good and yeah

let's put that over to one side and here

is the phone and my goodness does it

look good it really does look good so

you can get a closer look at the phone

itself you can see that it is quite

glossy and reflect

and it looks like a candy as far as

fingerprints go yeah you can see quite a

bit of the fingerprints not so much but

they're there and I can see them from

here and yeah so here the iPhone is

printed in a really bright silver color

and so is the Apple logo which looks

really nice and we got the camera over

here everything and all the accidents

are tinted red and things look good

here's the front and everything kind of

just really looks like like a like a

candy really would have worked with the

iPhone 10 because they got the same

glass back so it could have done it so

I'm not sure why they didn't do it and

yeah I mean this is a really nice

looking color Apple should release more

color like this it looks really nice

with the glass back the aluminum sides

here let's go ahead and set it up here

real quick so that we can see how it

looks with iOS on it now you can kind of

see there how things look in general I

really really like it and I'm gonna go

and try to search for a case to see how

that looks all right so here we are

finishing the setup and I did find three

cases here to check out so you guys can

see how the red looks with cases and

yeah so let's go ahead and try these on

real quick let's just skip this here

choose you the set up is very long and

get started so there you go that's how

it looks here with the screen let's go

ahead and put it into this case which is

kind of like a rugged case so you guys

can see that and well on behold it

doesn't work for this one because I've

got the wrong case with that set here

you can kind of see how the Apple logo

looks there the red accents and stuff

and then at the bottom you got those

accents as well and yeah let's go ahead

and remove this guy here and move on to

the next one sucks that I got a lot of

case maybe this one's crashed or maybe

they're all wrong so yeah this one's

wrong as well you can see that there so

I don't think I have any iPhone 8 cases

I'm just grabbing them from the wrong

pile I'll be right back yam boom I got

two cases so I got a blue one and a

clear one let's see how that looks it's

gonna be interesting and that looks

pretty neat so you can see there so we

got the camera right there

this one's covered therefore the sleep

and wake button we got some of the

colors shining through the bottom and it

does cover pretty much all the right

here in the front screen so you only get

the accents on these sides and the back

and I think it actually looks pretty

good even though this blue case isn't

that nice by color now let's go ahead

and try the clear case here see how this

one looks in doubt Wow yeah that looks

really nice it's a little bit washed out

because that's the effect that these gel

clear cases gift which I'm not a huge

fan of but it looks pretty good you can

see it there you can still show off the

color and the phone or anything and

things are looking good so yeah that's

how that looks and maybe we can try this

bumper keys here I'm not sure which

phone these were for and see how that

looks as well boom there we go so we got

a bumper case on there you can see that

on this side and on the back you get to

see everything and yeah the red looks

really nice with the case as expected of

course I think it's gonna look the best

with black and red cases or maybe some

white cases to match with some other

stuff but yeah I think it looks really

good and I'm gonna take this case off

yeah guys I mean it was just kind of

like a quick look at the color and see

how things look I think this might be my

second favorite iPhone a color right now

I really like the silver and I think

second would be this one and if I were

to buy an iPhone a colour I'd probably

go with this one just because it is the

newest and the latest and to spice

things up a bit however I do like the

silver a little bit more and you can see

it there you can see some of the smudges

let me super smudge it here so you guys

can see that and it's hard to tell on

camera but there you can see them and it

does attract smudges and you can tell so

this is kind of like right between the

black phone and the silver phone in

terms of smudges and with the silver

phone being police prone to smudges and

the black phone being the most prone to

sponges but you can see that I really

like this lettering here as well as the

Apple logo and again I don't how much to

say because it's really for you guys to

kind of look at the phone and see

how it looks and if you guys like it I

really like this combo however I think

maybe I like the iPhone 7 read more with

the white front as much as I always say

I want black fronts I think you know it

really depends on the color you go for

this does look good let me know what you

guys think if you guys like the iPhone 7

more with that white front or maybe this

one I would like to see Apple take out

maybe a blue phone or something like

that just a little nice hue of blue

that'd be great however they probably

wouldn't do it I'm thinking they

probably didn't take out the iPhone 10

just because the phone kind of has that

more expensive status and maybe by

adding more colors they feel like they

might be lowering the exclusivity of one

or something I don't know Apple treats

their phones like fashions so who knows

why they didn't do it but yeah guys this

was the product red iPhone if you guys

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guys there so I yeah thank you guys for

watching this was the red iPhone and

I'll catch you guys in the next video