Why the NEW iPad Air is SO Important!

so what is going on guys nando pres93

here with another video

and the new ipad airs just dropped and

they look freaking

they look amazing i'm definitely gonna

get one either in that lime green color

that light blue color to at least test

it out and try it out but i did want to

let you guys know

what the release of these ipad airs

really mean for the future of

the ipad pros so let's get it going

so as you guys can see with the ipad air

in the background back there that they

essentially took an ipad pro 11 inch

the 2018 version took the body of it

revamped it put new internals in it and

called it the ipad

air or the new ipad air it's basically

what apple did with the iphone se

right they took an old iphone 8 body and

they basically revamped it moved the

logo a little bit

made the internals 2019 2020 standard

and then that's what they released and

that's what they're doing with the ipad

air right

and honestly it surprised a lot of

people it looks good it has a new

a14 bionic chip which is the first time

that's been seen in

any ios device or any device period

which is

very very surprising to me right the

fact that now there's an ipad pro

starting at

eight 800 and an ipad air starting at

what is it

599 for the 64 gig and the air has the

better chipset or the newer chipset

it's a little bit iffy right so that got

me thinking a little bit as to what this

means for the ipad pro moving forward


most of you guys know that i use the

ipad pro 2018 model the 12.9 inch 256


for those of you that thought i got rid

of my magic keyboard

my magic keyboard is still right there

so now that i got that out of the way

but that's the ipad pro that i use and

i've used that for the better

part of 14 15 months now 15 months where

i've been pretty much all

ipad and when the 2020 ipad pro came out

obviously i

purchased the item i reviewed it but

then ended up getting rid of it because

i just didn't see the need to have the

ipad pro 2020

it added the wide-angle camera which was

a novelty like nobody's using the ipad

pro to take wide-angle cameras or not a

lot of people are

and then they had the lidar scanner

which lidar technology is great and all

for sure i've seen some great

applications of lidar being useful

especially for you know people that

don't have all of their senses right

like i saw a very awesome application

where it helped

blind people navigate around because

they could see obstacles in front of you

tell you that you're right in front of

something and tell you to move right or

move left

that is an amazing thing that lidar can

do but

on the ipad pro it's kind of weird yeah

they can use the power of the ipad pro

to maybe create cool applications

but it's just still a 12.9 or 11 inch

tablet that you're holding to get stuff


so i think lidar is very amazing it's


but it's better used in glasses when

those start coming out in

iphones because it's a smaller form

factor so lidar is definitely the future

and it's probably going to stick around

in apple products

but for me it wasn't enough of a reason

to buy another

thousand dollar ipad pro or 1200 ipad


and then again it went from the a12x to

the a12z

you know it basically ignited one more

gpu core

which again i haven't seen any hiccups

on my 2018 so again it basically came

down to

i did not think spending another 1200 on

ipad pro was worth it

so again that got me thinking with this

ipad air announcement

apple released a 600 ipad air with an

a14 bionic

chip and apple's still selling the 11

inch ipad pro at 800

with the a12 z chip so i'm thinking

we're going to get some sort of ipad pro

max or ultra

or some super heavy duty from an

internal spec

internal standpoint ipad pro something


for the professional plus right they're

gonna i feel like it's something's gonna

happen in october november

because like they can't have this be

their ipad lineup for too long because

people are gonna be confused

who's gonna buy an 800 ipad pro

when they can buy a 600 ipad air with a

better chipset and physically looks

identical yeah the screen and the bezels

are probably a little bit thicker

because you're going from the 11 to

10.86 inches

so it's probably going to be the iphone

xr iphone 11 effect

in terms of the the display because they

probably brought it in a little bit but

again it looks identical the body's


single camera because they probably use

again the the body

of an ipad pro 2018 so

again the internals are using that five

nanometer processor now

what was 11 trillion transistors those

are things that are not on the ipad pro

and for a product that's more expensive

it needs to be on the ipad pro

so that is my opinion i think we're

gonna get some sort of heavy duty ipad


by the end of this year maybe early next

year but for some reason the months of

october november it grained in my mind

because i think i saw max tech

reference it months ago months ago and

it makes sense because that'll be two

years from the third generation ipad pro

which is when they adopted this new form


so all in all that's what i think is

going to happen i think we're not going

to see this lineup stay like this for a

while i think it's going to be a couple

of months until we get a new ipad pro

it's going to be this heavy duty super

powerful super pro level ipad pro that

which hopefully gives us the ability to

use a secondary display and only for

that ipad pro

and then somebody actually also

commented on twitter because i posted

this that

apple might just release the 12.9 ipad

pro moving forward

and forget about that 11 inch one

because now they can because now the

people that had the 11 inch ipad pro

could just start using ipad airs

which i think is a pretty good idea you

know just have the 13 inch or the 12.9

inch ipad pro be the

the creme de la creme you know like the

the note series of the ipads

it's funny that i keep using all these

samsung references but

i think that's what's gonna happen we're

gonna see one heavy duty king of the


ipad pro sometime at the end of this

year because it needs to happen because

it doesn't make

sense for apple to have a stronger

cheaper ipad air

than an 11 inch ipad pro but that's my

two cents hopefully you guys enjoyed i

know this was a little bit of a ramble

but leave your comments below are you

guys getting the new ipad air

are you gonna hold off and see if a new

pro is coming out are you gonna return a

2020 ipad pro for the air because you

just bought it

what are you guys gonna do i'm very

curious to see what you guys have to see

very curious to see what you guys have

to say

and i appreciate you guys staying until

the end but until next time don't forget

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