What is INTERTIDAL ZONE? What does INTERTIDAL ZONE mean? INTERTIDAL ZONE meaning & explanation


the intertidal zone also known as the

fresher and seashore and sometimes

referred to as the littoral zone is the

area that is above water at low tide and

under water at high tide in other words

the area between tide marks this area

can include many different types of

habitats with many types of animals such

as starfish sea urchins and numerous

species of coral the well known area

also includes steep rocky cliffs sandy

beaches or wetlands for example vast mud

flats the area can be a narrow strip as

in Pacific Islands that have only a

narrow tidal range or can include many

meters of shoreline where shallow Beach

slopes interact with high tidal

excursion organisms in the intertidal

zone are adapted to an environment of

harsh extremes the intertidal zone is

also home to many several species from

different acts including Porifera

annelids colon turrets mollusks

crustaceans arthri bonds etc water is

available regularly with the times but

varies from fresh with rain to highly

saline and dry salt withdrawing between

tidal inundations the action of waves

can dislodge residents from the littoral

zone with the intertidal zones high

exposure to the Sun the temperature

range can be anything from very hot with

full Sun to near freezing in colder

climates some micro climates in the

littoral zone are ameliorated by local

features and larger plants such as

mangroves adaptation in the littoral

zone allows the use of nutrients

supplied in high volume on a regular

basis from the sea which is actively

moved to the zone by tides edges of

habitats in this case land and sea are

themselves often significant Ecology's

and the littoral zone is a prime example

of a sea and more

a typical rocky shore can be divided

into a spray zone or splash zone also

known as the super a tidal zone which is

above the spring high tide line and is

covered by water only during storms and

an intertidal zone which lies between

the high and low tidal extremes along

most Shores the intertidal zone can be

clearly separated into the following sub

zones high tide zone middle tide zone

and low tide zone the intertidal zone is

one of a number of marine biomes or

habitats including estuaries the riddick

surface and deep zones