Why Australia's internet is so slow

Australia's internet is slower than it

is in Tajikistan Kazakhstan Vietnam and

Madagascar and a whole bunch of others

we have currently ranked 57th in the

world according to the latest report

from Akamai now that is a really bad

look and the truth is we've been

slipping down the ranks for some time

we're paying billions and billions of

dollars to speed up our Internet through

the NBN rollout but we're still falling

behind so what gives

well there are three basic reasons you

see Australia so far down this list

first the countries at the top like

Singapore Hong Kong and South Korea are

small and incredibly urbanized which

means that they can rollout

infrastructure improvements quickly and

effectively I don't have to worry about

their internet covering huge distances

which is part of why Australia's NBN is

taking so long second some of the

countries I mentioned like the ones in

Eastern Europe and South Asia have

leapfrogged Australia because there was

very little if any old Internet

infrastructure knocking around that

means that huge regions are going from

having no internet to having really

current fast internet hence you see a

country like Indonesia at number four on

the list and third because everybody

expects the NBN to be finished in 2020

or so none of the current players are

investing in the old broadband system

anymore because they know it's going to

be overtaken soon I mean what is the

point of pouring money into an old

system when the new ones only a couple

of years off that means internet speeds

probably won't get any better in

Australia over the next three years now

none of that information is going to

make it any less annoying when your TV

show freezes in the middle but if all

you're interested in is fast internet

you could always go somewhere like

Romania or Latvia they're both in the

top 10 for fastest internet in the world