Why internet in Philippines is really slow.

well I am going to tell you that

internet in talking sucks I mean really


man look at this what it's is more 61m

PPS does the fastest feed it will look

like this slash Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes

Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes Wes

Wes Wes well America is perfectly

acceptable but Philippines good lord

it has 3.6 mbps we're like snails enough

for that but my internet in Philippines

is really slow and expensive first lack

of competition in Philippines there were

only two popular ISP for those who

didn't know I asked M stands for

Internet service provider which is

closing the Gulf JP and of course

they'll watch people donated their

service secondary price

hello empower America if you pay $15

you'll get around 10 and create a test

unlimited well here in Philippines if

you pay nearly 1000 pesos

you'll only get 2 to 3 and create PBS

well then is not unlimited instead

you'll get a monthly plan plan means

there's a data cap first you'll get that

promised speed then if you exceeded the

day the cap you'll be experiencing slow

speed instead of the promised speed

until the next month even though it's

slow you still have to pay on watch

their price that they advertise


lemme this is the dumbest idea like this

answer will lead you to next problem

third corruption you know what I mean

every country has corruption but

Philippines is the worst one remember

why the monthly plan was a bad idea

that's because of corruption these till

our money by cheating well they want you

being twerp fourth reasoning oh boy

his long asian in the last one they are

good at being reasonable example they

said that there were only few cell sites

if there were a few cell sites then both

some other cell sites last one false

advertising this is the worst line in

entire problems I'll make it short okay

some advertisement said planned lab and

an unlimited up to five and bps 50 beta

cap what I don't think it's unlimited

okay another one it said three minor b

FS but only god 0.66 and creepy as well

this is what I could say

spider-man lions why are you always


oh my god stop