Why is the International Criminal Court under attack? - BBC News


the International Criminal Court also

known as the ICC was set up in 2002 to

bring to justice perpetrators of

genocide war crimes crimes against

humanity and the crime of aggression but

the effectiveness and legitimacy of the

court has been widely questioned the US

has been especially vocal in its

opposition as far as America is

concerned the ICC has no jurisdiction no

legitimacy and no authority so is the

ICC up to the task of bringing justice

the ICC has 123 members but many

countries including the US Russia and

China are not part of the court and do

not accept its jurisdiction the US has

threatened tough action against the ICC

if it attempts to prosecute Americans

for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan

the u.s. also judged to a possible

investigation of Israeli actions in

occupied Palestinian territory it argues

the court undermines national

sovereignty the court has also been

criticized for unfairly targeting

African countries of the 26 cases

brought before the court so far all have

dealt with crimes committed in Africa to

date the court has reached verdicts in

six cases resulting in eight convictions

and two acquittals

the court says it is examining many

alleged crimes outside Africa in

September 2018 it announced a probe into

the treatment of the row hinge of

Muslims playing ethnic violence in

Myanmar but Myanmar is not a member of

the ICC and does not accept its

jurisdiction the court has found a way

around this it is determined that

elements of the alleged crimes against

the Rohingya took place in Bangladesh

which is part of the ICC the court is

now opening a preliminary examination

but even so it's not certain that

perpetrators can be brought to trial

since the ICC does not have its own

police or enforcement body it would rely

on Myanmar to extradite suspects this

demonstrates just how difficult it is

for the court to carry out its work

especially without the support of some

of the world's most powerful nations

such as the United States the ICC says

it will continue to do its work