How To Clean A Pumpkin in 2 Minutes

hey guys okay so happy Halloween I hope

everybody's ready lots of Halloween

stuff going on there's scary movies in

the theater there's scary shows on


there's scary video games to be playing

and now it's time to start carving the


I'm not carving the pumpkin but I'm

showing you something I saw on the

internet just two days ago and I got to

try it so this is the quickest way to

clean out your pumpkin I believe we're

gonna try it out and you're gonna need a

drill and you're gonna need you're gonna

need the blade from one of your hand



as you know I'm a fan of cutting the

bottom out of a pumpkin so I'm gonna do

that right now so I got the bottom cut

out of my pumpkin and as you can see

there's lots of slimy stringy stuff in




okay Wow

kind of mushy it's kind of like mush

just comes all out all right so the

hardest part was cleaning off the little

spinny device but yeah it doesn't really

good job can you see in there so I'm

going in you can see everything is

hollowed out do that you did a good job

guys really did it worked took a little

bit more than two minutes but I'll tell

you this always cut the bottom out so

you can just set your pumpkin right on

the candle it'll light up all night the

top doesn't fall in it looks beautiful

take care and I'll see you on the next

episode bye bye