Tensor Tympani Spasm

this is Alex Ashford I would like to

present an interesting patient from my

clinic this 55 year old woman of Native

American descent presented to my clinic

with the lifelong history of

intermittent left-sided pulsatile

tinnitus which she described as either a

shotgun sound or fluttering sounds in

her left ear

the left ear coming into view under the

microscope there's a large perforation

of the tympanic membrane inferior ly we

see the UM bow of the malleus quite

clearly in the center of the screen the

middle ear mucosa and residual tympanic

membrane is inflamed and we have several

direct views of abnormal motion of the

eardrum and the manubrium of the malleus

which is caused by an abnormal dystonia

of the tensor tympani muscle in the

middle year it is frequents that I have

patients who complain of sounds whether

it be shotguns crickets fluttering or

you name it in the ear and oftentimes we

leave with our head scratching however

in this case we can see quite clearly

that the patient indeed is not crazy and

does have abnormal movement