Bloodshot Eyes (Red Eyes) Causes and Treatments

have you ever experienced bloodshot or

red eyes did you ever wonder what causes

it and how to treat it

in this video we will look at three

common culprits that can cause this

condition let's first look at dry eyes

dry eyes impact millions of people every

year the symptoms may range from mild

discomfort to a more severe pain level

in some cases a person suffering from

dry eyes may experience uncomfortable

stinging itching and burning these

symptoms can be the result of a variety

of root causes ranging from the normal

aging process which can limit the

production of lubricant causing

dehydration in the eye tissues to

environmental conditions autoimmune

disorders allergies hormonal changes

medication and trauma to the eye if left

untreated these symptoms can damage the

corneal tissues which can ultimately

impact vision quality once diagnosed

with this condition an eye doctor can

provide a few options for treatment some

of these may include one or a

combination of the following for a mild

form of the disorder an over-the-counter

artificial teardrop solution may help

for more severe cases prescription drops

may be used to reduce the inflammation

blocking the tear ducts using

specialized pumps or plugs can reduce

excessive tear drainage and allow the

fluid to better bathe the surrounding

tissues an over-the-counter prescription

therapy could also increase the natural

production of Tears another culprit can

be pink eye or conjunctivitis pink eye

is an inflammation of the thin tissue

layer lining the surface of the inner

eyelid and front of the eye there are

three main types of pinkeye contagious

viral or bacterial infections of the eye

allergies to allergens such as pollen

cosmetics animals and certain fabrics

and irritations to chemicals found in

air fumes and swimming pools in the

instance of pinkeye a person can resort

to the following suggestions for the

treatment of the disorder use a damp

cloth to help reduce swelling and

redness and consult an eye doctor for a

proper diagnosis if symptoms persist

when it comes to pinkeye the best form

of treatment is to take preventative

steps such as keeping your hands away

from your eyes wash your hands regularly

and do not share towels washcloths

cosmetics or eye drops with others the

last we will discuss is glaucoma

glaucoma is a disease that can damage a

person's optic nerve is left untreated

the net result can include partial or

complete blindness ultimately the cause

of this disorder is the buildup of

pressure within the eye where the

nourishing fluid within the eye is

unable to flow through the natural

draining system and keep the eyes

internal pressure within safety margins

apart from the dangers that this

pressure can cause to the optic nerve

located at the back of the eye this

pressure buildup can sometimes cause the

white of the eyes to seem red in color

some other related symptoms may include

gradual loss of peripheral vision

development of tunnel vision diminished

central sight and complete blindness

although glaucoma is considered to be a

severe and dangerous disorder early

diagnosis and treatment will provide a

highly successful and stable treatment

of this often chronic disease some of

the treatments may include medication an

eye drop or pill form laser

trabeculoplasty and surgery everyone at

one point or another has experienced

bloodshot eyes whether it's from

swimming in a chlorinated pool or

prolonged exposure to smoke in a crowded

room the look is almost the same in most

cases there is not much to be concerned

with however if the symptoms mentioned

about lasts for an extended period of

time it is important to consult your eye

doctor for more information on this

another eye related topics subscribe to

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