Why is Earth's inner core solid explained!

before we start I want you to watch and

hear this question give Li the auto Co

is in liquid state while the inner Co is

in solid state why I mean the inner core

is hotter than the outer Co but the

inner core is solid and the outer core

is liquid why why is it like that well

this question is part of geophysics a

geophysicist is someone who studies the

earth using gravity magnetic electrical

and seismic methods so going back to the

question we know that Earth's inner core

and outer core are both made up of iron

nickel alloy and that's why the core is

also called as the knife layer where the

ni stands for nickel and Fe stands for

iron and we also know that matter can

exist in one of three main States that

is solid liquid or gas and for that we

need the right temperature and pressure

conditions now if I have to give you an

example solid can be transformed into a

gas by the process of sublimation

for example burning of camphor similarly

gas can be converted into solid a good

example for this can be a fire

extinguisher which has been filled with

gaseous carbon dioxide but inside the

canister the high pressure causes this

to turn into solid carbon dioxide which

later is released as a white powder when

putting out a fire in both the examples

temperature and pressure played an

important role therefore with right

temperature and pressure conditions a

matter can exist in solid liquid or gas

state now most materials including iron

and nickel change from liquid to solid

at low temperatures or high pressures

it's easy to understand going from a

solid to a liquid at higher temperatures

because we are all familiar with ice

melting on a warm day but why do

materials change from liquid to solid at

higher pressure for almost all materials

except water atoms are packed close

together in the solid state than in the

liquid state so when you squeeze the

atoms together with high pressure the

material changes from liquid to solid

now when you understand this now think

about this as you go deeper in the earth

both temperature and pressure increases

although the inner core is very hot it

is solid because it is experiencing very

high pressure the pressure is so great

that you

squeezed together to not be a liquid the

pressure in the outer core is not high

enough to make it solid and this is why

the outer core is in liquid state while

the inner core is in solid state despite

of the fact that the inner core is

hotter than the outer core if you want

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