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"Hi, it's Steve.

In this video, we'd like to discuss the symptom of a gas range where the surface igniters

will spark intermittently, even though the range is not in use.

We'll explain how that spark ignition system works, the components involved and where they're

located, and we'll also talk about the most likely cause for that symptom.

Now we've removed the control panel and the main top on this particular range to show

you where those individual components are that control the spark ignition system for

the surface burners.

We, of course, have our individual igniters for each surface burner.

You'll note that there are switches attached to each of the burner valves cross the front,

and they are all wired in parallel with each other.

If we turn one of these switches on, all the surface igniters will spark.

The last component is the actual spark module itself.

On this model, it is attached to the side of the cabinet below that main top.

To troubleshoot this symptom, the first thing we're going to do is to disconnect the harness

from these surface igniter switches, which is the input to that spark module.

We'll disconnect that, then we'll reapply the power.

If we see that the igniters are still sparking, we'll know that the switches were not the


If the sparking stops, we've then identified that one or more of the switches is at fault.

We'll begin by removing the input to that spark module.

Now, when we reconnected the power, we did not get any sparking on those surface igniters,

so disconnect the power again, we'll reconnect the input to that spark module, and then we'll

reconnect the power.

As you can see, as soon as we reconnected the power, the sparking started again, so

we can assume that one of the switches is defective.

First of all, make sure that they're mounted properly on the valve itself.

They typically will have a locator tab that holds them in the proper position.

If they're mispositioned, it may be in the on position, so make sure that you line those

up properly, and that may resolve your problem.

Now, if your inspection of those switches has not indicated that any of them are out

of position, we can assume that one of them has a short in it.

Depending on your model, you may be able to purchase the individual switch or you may

have to buy the complete assembly.

If you have to purchase the complete assembly, no further troubleshooting is required.

If you are able to get individual switches, you will need to disconnect each of them one

at a time and check them for continuity.

Now here we have a series of surface burner ignition switches.

We've installed one on a top burner valve.

You can see how they line up with a detent on the actual switch to hold those in position.

Now, as we turn that knob to the lite position, you'll see that we do have continuity through

that individual switch.

That would then send power to the surface ignition module, then there were outputs to

each of the spark igniters located at each individual burner.

We'd also like to note that for this symptom of intermittent or continuous sparking on

you're surface burners without activating the actual burner control, most of the time,

the culprit is the switches that are associated with those top burner knobs.

This often happens during periods of high humidity, where some moisture will get inside

of that switch and cause a temporary high resistance short, which will activate that


You can try to rectify the problem by submerging those individual switches in some isopropyl

alcohol, and then dry them thoroughly, and then reinstall them again, taking care that

we line them up properly with the indicators on the switch body.

If that does not resolve your problem, you will need to replace them.

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