Is the housing market slowing down?

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not so sunny in the eurozone today

Germany's economy contracted in the

second quarter while France has warned

that growth has broken down in the

country and the wider eurozone Germany

blamed something of a heat wave in the

first quarter leading to a decline in

the second in their monthly polled

Chartered Surveyors have said that

they're selling as many properties as

they did before the start of the

financial crisis no great surprise there

then but they did report the first drop

in demand for houses to be surveyed

since January 2013 and sticking with

building and construction construction

giant karelian has said it hasn't given

up hope in taking over rival Balfour

Beatty it said a merger could cut costs

by at least 175 million pounds a year

earlier in the week Balfour Beatty

rejected a second takeover approach from

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