Fix kitchen faucet hot water low pressure

little or everybody how are you doing


I hope well in today's video I'm gonna

show you how to fix a a low-flow water

on your kitchen faucet let me show you

this is my kitchen and here's the hot

water all the way up and it's not

extremely low but it is low compared to

the regular cold water and then you go

ahead and switch it right here you see a

difference very low I don't know if

yours might be lower than this but um I

already fixed it once and it corrected

the issue so it's not that difficult let

me show you what I did so you have to go

underneath your kitchen sink and you

will have to remove everything from

there because you're gonna be removing

one of the one I'll be removing two but

we'll start off with one see if that

fixes it you'll be removing one of the

lines that connects with a faucet and

it's not that difficult and for that you

just need a some lighting because you

can see it's kind of dark in here so

let's get my lighting going on you'll

need some lighting and then for this

project you'll just be needing just one

wrench so this is an adjustable wrench

and we'll be using it to remove I'll

start off with the hot line let me get

in there you can see the little red

indicator on one of the lines so we'll

just we'll be removing that that line

right there so let me see if I can set

up the camera okay so

okay let me see if I could get a good

angle and let's see if I could get in

there without without without movie in

the camera so for this project just as

you can see here I don't know if you can

see clearly but this is the hot water

line open I forgot to tell you turn off

the water first so go ahead yeah okay

here we go so make sure you turn off the

hot water cause if not you're gonna have

a big old mess I should have started off

by telling you that but I let it cut

myself okay so once you shut off the hot


we're sorry I'm sorry enough on the hot

water so go ahead and turn off the hot

water and then you can start removing

the the line okay the camera might be

moving a little bit so like I said I'm

just using a adjustable wrench but if

you have the right size wrench then go

for it but just keeping it simple for

you for you guys just loosen it enough

until you could remove it just by using

your hand I still need some work yeah

it's not very comfortable being

underneath your sink but it's doable

you'll see

yeah the cameras gonna be moving a

little bit so just hang tight okay so

once uh once you know that'll be once

you know them that will be loose enough

to uh completely um come off I still

need a little bit more it would be

easier if I wasn't recording but I

wanted to record it to share my my

experience hopefully you learn and do it

yourself okay I don't know if I

mentioned it but um you need some kind

of container to collect any water that

might be coming out from the lines I

just got my uh my restroom waste bin to

the small enough to fit underneath

though this one or two small enough to

fit underneath here maybe use any kind

of container cuz yeah the lines will

have some water and it will come out so

that's what I'm using so I'm almost

there so let's keep going okay

it looks like it's coming off and you'll

see me see if you can see the water that

comes out no water good okay so you see

this line now that it has been removed

okay so let's go ahead and put this over

here the lines been removed you put it

inside your container

and like I said I'm having difficult

because I'm doing this by myself but


make the line go inside the container

right focus so now that the line that we

remove this in container the next step

is to come back up and because on my on

my sink the hot water is the one that's

clogged up so because this is a like a

manifold in here you know hot water and

cold water get mixed in here so what you

need to do is turn on the cold water and

let's just leave it on the cold water

side right because we want it to be

mixed but because it's gonna be mixed

not all the water's going to come out

what's gonna happen is that it's gonna

come out over here so what we're doing

is cleaning the valve clean the

manifolds right here just go back and

forth you know there's no hot water

plugged in so just go back and forth and

hopefully but you can't just leave it on

cold because you need to have it being

mixed with the hot so just leave it down

the middle

he was right in the middle and yes oh no

let's move it a little bit more

yeah there we go

oh yeah I'll show you right now so I

don't know if that's good enough I'm

gonna go ahead and just go back and

forth but that that should be enough so

go ahead and turn it off and let's take

a look let's take a look inside so as

you can see I don't know if you can see

but there is some debris in there and

all of you can see mineral mineral

deposits from the hot water tank so

right now that should essentially fixed

the problem so let me see huh let me put

the line back on okay so only me see I'm

doing this one handy to remember so the

camera is not the best okay so let me

just see if I could do this



so go ahead and just do a hand tight

yeah you should have some teflon tape

around here to prevent any water leaks

there's still some there but I would

recommend you actually replace it I

guess that's one thing I forgot to

mention also no tools required I'll show




okay don't over time just

so let's go ahead and test the water

pressure now so let's go to the hot cold

water first that's pretty strong let's

go to the hot and about the same so yes

that definitely fix the problem

and that's how you do it I'm happy now


all right well thanks for watching I

hope you learned something and if you

have the same problem hopefully you can

fix it yourself too like I did thanks

for watching see you next time take care

good bye