Low hot water pressure SOLVED

some time back I noticed my hot water

pressure has been decreasing it had been

steadily declining since a month and the

showers are really slow so I tried a

bunch of things like check the bathroom

faucets and showers if the filters are

dirty of the faucets or any other

problem but then I thought emptying

hot-water tank should remove any debris

causing this issue so I am dated the hot

water tank and drained it but the

problems still there so this is how the

pressure goes down and keeps going down

when you turn from cold water to hot

water on a faucet

let's go to the hot-water tank now

switch the knobs to pilot on both the

knob rotating and the top one as well so

you don't damage the heating element and

start closing the Inglot cold water well

have to drain some water out because we

are going to check the outlet pipe to

just try to open the bottom one that's

the only way to empty some of the water

I always keep a cap on it because it

always leaks it prevents it from leaking

use a bucket or something because we

don't need to empty the whole tank just

the top layer so the pressure goes down

and it won't leak when you open the top

outlet open a faucet on the basement or

somewhere on the top of the house on

floor on any floor particularly hot

water before doing anything to have some

flexibility in the pipe unscrewed the

header which connects to a lot of pipes

going to the house use a wrench or pipe

pipe wrench whatever is possible and now

we see what's in the outlet hot water

pipe it's rust solid

look at the size of the water hole that

was coming so I decided to use a drill

somehow - to clean some of it I just

leave it like that it's enough so once

you drill just put back the pipe nice

and tight make sure it doesn't leak on

cold water fill up the tank now go down

to the heating element and turn from

parallel to on make sure there is no

leak faucet should be on when you're

feeling cold water it is finished check

the pressure