No Hot Water: Water Heater Troubleshooting

hi guys Pat the plumber here and in this

video we're gonna go through a

step-by-step process on what I do when I

get called out for a service call for no

hot water on a gas-fired water heater so

let's get started the first step is

doing a quick visual inspection checking

for water at the base of the tank and if

the status light is blinking on the gas

control valve I will go over status

light error codes later in the video

remove the panel concealing the burner

door and sight glass look through the

sight glass to see if the pilot is lit

if the pilot is lit and there's no

status light blinking test the thermal

piles voltage to see if it falls into

spec if the thermo-pile test fails

replace a thermo-pile if the test passes

replace the gas control valve and if the

pilot flame is out we can move on to

relighting the pilot before lighting the

pilot is best to confirm that there's a

gas supply to the residence an easy way

is checking another gas appliance such

as a fireplace or stove if there's no

gas supply check the storage tank or if

it's a municipal supplied source check

the gas meter if this valve is in a

horizontal position with a pin or lock

through the hole someone wasn't paying

their bills and the gas supplier shut

off the gas to the residence now that

we've confirmed a gas supply to the

residence check to see if the gas valve

to the appliance is in the on position

the handle parallel to the piping is on

and perpendicular is off spark the

igniter a few times to ensure that it is

sparking properly turn the gas control

knob to pilot depress the knob and

immediately spark the igniter once the

pilot is lit continue to hold down the

nog for roughly one minute and the

status light starts to blink your gas

control may give you an error code at

this time one flash every three seconds

is normal operation if the pilot goes

out after you release the knob take the

following steps this device right here

is a resettable thermal switch if the

combustion chamber gets too hot this

device trips in one strip the pilot

won't stay lit to reset lightly push on

the center button if it clicks you know

what has been tripped and you can now

try to relate the pilot as per previous

instructions if a trip thermal switch

was the issue the most common causes are

lack of combustion air or an obstructed

exhaust inspect the intake screen at the

base of the water year if Clau

to vacuum away the dust inspect the

baffle underneath the draft hood to

ensure that is installed correctly

they're commonly misaligned due to

transport if misaligned it could cause

the exhaust not to escape properly use

caution when inspecting the baffle make

sure that the water heater is off and

has had time to cool as the exhaust

system can get extremely hot if the

pilot didn't stay lit after resetting

the thermal switch inspect the wiring

making sure that there are no breaks or

loose connections next is bypassing the

thermal switch run a jumper wire from

connection to connection or place a

metal bit across the connections as I've

done here

try relating the water heater and if

it's stays lit you know the thermal

switch is faulty and requires a

replacement this jumper is just for

testing purposes only and the water

heater should never be run with this in

place the thermal switch is a safety

device and should be replaced if faulty

if the pilot flame still won't stay lit

at this point it's time to test the

thermal piles voltage if the test fails

replace the thermal pile if the test

passes replace the gas control valve

I'll have video links at the end of this

video and add a test and replace the

thermal file as well as how to replace

the gas control valve if checking for

error codes remember one flash every

three seconds is normal operation two

flashes is a weak thermo-pile voltage

and should be confirmed with a voltage

test and four five and seven flashes are

issues with the gas control valve and

require it to be replaced well guys I

hope this video got you in the right

direction and like always if this video

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