Why is a horseshoe lucky?


the first one I want to talk about is

the horseshoe people always wonder you

know when they hang a horseshoe you know

what's that all about why is there why

is their lucky horseshoe why do you hang

it over your door a certain way or

whatever which waives the right way well

here's the story oz was told to me a

long time ago

the horseshoe should always beat up on

anyone's shop but the Forge now on a

forge it should be hanging this way

above the actual fire the reason is is

that luck comes from the horseshoe the

horse you should come from the finest

force the fastest force that was around

basically the best horseshoe you could

find is the one you would hang above

your fort and you hang it this way so

that the luck that was in that force and

the skill that was in that horse and all

of the other good properties that was in

that horse were imparted to that shoe

and the shoe hanging over the Forge

porous all that luck in that life into

the fire and then all the horseshoes

made in that fire subsequently would

contain a little bit of that luck

now that luck goes out of the forge out

into the world those shoes get lost

there's always a little bit of luck in

them now what you do is the average

person if you're not a blacksmith you

hang the shoe that way because it's a

finite amount of luck you don't want to

lose it and that's why you hang it this

way you know in your house in your shop


long ago there was a blacksmith one of

the very first classes if not the first

working in his Forge he had this fire

going and he's working it

it's literally like the gates of hell

this is what these you know if you can

imagine a thousand two thousand years

ago people thought this was you know the

closest thing you can ever get to hell

because nobody could ever make a fire as

hot as blacksmith the blacksmith could

get a fire so hot he could literally

melt metals and you know that brought a

lot of magic to it and there is a little

magic to it but what happened was this

first blacksmith was working away at the


he had customers showing up and clients

and you know folks in the village to get

things done

they were shoeing whoo camels all sorts

you know oxen and horses and donkeys and

what happened and the shoe was

definitely an improvement on what the

animals had so anyway this became a

thing with blacksmiths and and still is

to this day that we put shoes on whoo

dims this fellow was working at his

Forge one day and in came a customer

he looked perfectly normal he wanted

some shoes put on

blacksmith obliged she said sure but

there was no animal with this fellow he

put his pointed down to his feet but

they weren't feet they were whose so

first the blacksmith's was a little bit

thrown back by this thing he's seen a

lot of weird things in his life so he

you know he didn't think too much about

it he just thought this is very odd but

this fellow needs shoes so he started to

work on it wasn't very long before it

came to the realization that I think

this is the devil because he's a human

but he's got hooves

so he he put two and two together and

realized this is devil I'm working on

it's scared of that first and he was

going to send him away and just try to

get rid of him you didn't want to deal

with for obvious reasons so but the

devil insistent just please put some

shoes on well the blacksmith being

fairly wise older fellow and seeing this

as something as a opportunity he decided

to go ahead and do the job so started to

forge the shoes to shave and what he did

was the first shoe he made just a little

bit too small and he bent it a little

bit so wouldn't sit quite flat and the

other shoe he made it just a little bit

too big and he bowed it in the middle so

that it would Rock as the devil would

walk in the future

the other shoe would cause him to lean

to one side and put a great deal of

stress on one way

as he nailed them in well before he

nailed him in he cleaned the hooves out

as you do

trimming trim wonderful too short hit

some nerves the whole time he's doing

all this he's working at the forge

working on these shoes he's tapping the

end so ding ding ding you know working

on the anvil ding ding ding he's keeps

making that that ringing sound on the

anvil the devil doesn't even register it

but it's working on his subconscious

level so installing these shoes and

every time he does something painful he

brings it in he digs real deep inside

the hoof to clean out the inside of the

Hooven just nails a nerve devil screams

in pain but but he's got to get it done

it has you know he has to give his

hooves now there's just no way around he

puts the nails in all crooked drives him

in too far some he puts in shallow so

that later on whose split and caused

even more pain an attorney in pain for

the devil he bends the nails over and

clenches them so that they can come

these shoes are on forever

and before he even finishes putting the

last nail in the devil runs away never

to return to the blacksmith shop and as

he's running the blacksmith is ringing

that head ding ding ding ding ding ding

ding ding ding devil never looks back

so the reason we've written in according

to this legend is to keep the devil out

of the shop to remind them that this is

a place you do not want to be in fact

when you ring the animal it makes the

devil turn and look but it reminds them

that that's not where you want to be

now there is another small bit of this

thing that you should never ring the

anvil for a trivial reason you get

people that come to your shop they pick

up a hammer hammer and they'll tap on em

there's an old thing from way back that

literally it is a straight ticket to

hell if you bring that anvil for no good

reason and apparently that's because it

brings the devil's attention to you it

will bring the devil right to the door

from what I understand but he won't step

foot across that threshold and this is

where the luck of the blacksmith shop

comes in because it Ward's off the evil

of the devil anyway that's it that's all

I've got