Holistic approach to health and wellness


welcome back now wellness it's more than

a diet or workout it's the holistic way

that you approach your health and your

surroundings here to explain is health

and wellness pro Maya and nany so when

we start thinking about our health

holistically why is this so important

you know I think of the holistic habits

seven of them the way we approach our

body there would be reproach our mind

and the way we approach our spirit all

of these things need to be looked at and

really for a true wealth and vibrant

health ok because sometimes in 2020 we

can set up these resolutions and it may

be to lose weight or to do something

like that that's purely focused on

working out or eating mm-hmm

but you're saying we need to think about

our mind as well absolutely absolutely

and the working out and nutrition those

are actually the first two habits okay

well so yeah the first habit is

nutrition and that's eating plan eating

more you know science is showing that

the more plants we eat the healthier we

are there's all the phytochemicals and

minerals and nutrients try to eat a

rainbow salad every day I start my

morning everyday with lemon water

squeezing lemon and water because lemon

is an acidic fruit but when you drink

when you ingest it it becomes alkaline

so it begins to alkalize the body see I

need to form that into a habit because

I've got friends who do this and it

makes all the difference because it kind

of just starts your day on the right now

exactly so simple too and then what is

our next one gonna be that is exercise

that's moving your body every day this

is the two habits what Jack LaLanne said

the queen is nutrition and the king is

exercise then you have a nice Kingdom so

those are your good like building blocks

now let me ask you this when people say

that they want to workout right and we

want to exercise how many days would you

recommend is like a wellness

professional so that we can really

cement that habit into a lifestyle you

know we need to move our bodies every

day maybe not that mix it up a little

bit maybe three days in the weight room

and then you walk two days a week we

have you go dancing one night a week

make that movement absolutely mix about

that yeah okay and then what building

block are we gonna look at next the next

one is learning and self-confidence this

is where you know learning and

empowering our minds improves our

self-confidence we talked about this

with the kids a lot I think anything you

take just take guitar

pick up singing try different things all

the time because in your learning and we

know that learning keeps our brain sharp

and healthy and dementia is something

that it's really common they're saying

the predictions for dementia with all

the baby boomers is astronomical so

really keeping our brain sharp and when

we talk about learning and

self-confidence this could be as simple

as like reading a book reading

absolutely learning and growing every

day okay and what's nice for us yeah so

the next one is the green habit this is

the environment so I would love to think

about perfect no yes cycling one is the

easy thing people can do is just try to

use recyclable plastic bags when you go

to the students it's not making a huge

difference yes you know cities there I

think there are less I looked there was

349 cities around the country that have

outlawed plastic so they're starting to

it's because they now I know Prairie

Village has put something into their

ballot to try to eliminate plastic so

okay now let's try to run through these

we've got our blue going on family

community this is improving

relationships you know that's in vital

to our health is having close intimate

relationships so volunteering with your

family out in the community want some of

the fellowship yeah exactly exactly the

six habit is world diversity and

appreciation do you see how it goes from

like what you can do and then it kind of

expands bigger yeah it stands passed

yourself yes yeah world diversity and

appreciation isn't being aware that

we're living in a global world and being

more we're learning about other cultures

you know if you have friends that are

from another if you're making tacos

let's learn about Mexico no and then

what about our pink the pink one is

spirituality and this is what I call

kind of the crown chakra think about you

know nutrition is a spiritual practice

moving your body is a spiritual practice

but think about starting your day with

maybe a daily word or something positive

maybe don't turn on the hardcore news

and fill your mind with all the negative

things right away fill yourself for

something take a moment to say I'm

grateful for this gratitude list

powerful well some ayat thank you so

much I'm gonna try to incorporate more

of these seven habits thank you we'll be

back after this