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to know the engine in our body today

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the heart is the most special muscle we

have it situated a little to the left

from the center of our chest between our

lungs and is in an oblique position

position diagonally we say that it's

very special because it sends blood all

over our body blood delivers oxygen and

nutrients weaning to live - all of our

cells a heart is a type of pump

like the ones we used to inflate the

wheel on our bikes the only thing is

that instead of pumping air it spawns

but the Hutt's is divided into two parts

the right part and the left part

separated by a cellular wall so they are

not connected internally each one of

these parts has two chambers or cavities

the upper cavities are called right and

left atrium and the lower cavities are

called a right and left ventricle the

heart also has full kind of doors which

are called valves these valves open lets

blood in and they close so this blood

carts go back now we've got to know the

most important parts of the heart but do

you know how it works it's all commences

in the right atrium where the

deoxygenated blood meaning it has very

little oxygen and nutrients enters the

heart then it goes through the first

foul back to the right ventricle once it

is here the heart sends the blood down

directly to the lungs and it's in this

moment where the blood is oxygenated and

it's filled with oxygen and nutrients

when it is already oxygenated it goes

back to the heart reaching the left

atrium from where it will pass through

the third valve until the last cavity

the left ventricle finally the heart

sends this now oxygenated blood through

the fourth and last valve towards the

rest of the body and it starts again

to understand how our heart beats we

only need to imagine that our hand is a

heart and that's when it opens up it

fills up with blood and when it's closed

its pumps that blood outwards when blood

exits our heart it flows through a whole

body through blood vessels and there are

three types arteries veins and

capillaries vessels arteries deliver

oxygen and nutrients rich blood to all

our organs in our body veins take that

blood low in oxygen back to the heart

and the capillary vessels which are very

small connected arteries with veins and

cells fun fact

do you know approximately how much a

human heart weighs well it's 450 grams

almost half a kilo the truth is that's

the heart is the engine in our

circulatory system and there's an

incredibly strong muscle it's able to

beat more than a hundred thousand times

a day so cool we can't say goodbye

without giving you a tip we need to take

care of our heart and that's why we need

to do physical exercise we need to eat

healthy foods and please never ever

smoke it's the worst thing you can do to

hurt your heart

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