Haka - History

comet incompetent power of God come with

the Karma

the power of God - no no - came for


doTERRA who Barney God bah open open


to know and understand as Huckle

comically as to no one understand its

composure Darrow Parra he was born into

a life of two more as people had

suffered a great defeat he faced just a

bit extermination as a people they are

rightly tall people we became one of the

smallest tribes in this country and so

through barajas ancestors have a long

history of being placed under adversity

and so this haka comedy it's talking

about the triumph of life over death and

so that Hucker today has survived

hundreds of years and it is still

performed by the national rugby team the

All Blacks whenever they take on any

nation and rugby as a kid you just grow

up in and you do it but he just expected

to know that Iran knows that the huckle

when it comes to game day violent Upali

when I was at Primary School

Sorge becomes second nature a lot of

kids growing up as young young boys in

New Zealand always practice the hacker

and wish one day they get opportunity to

do it so for us sitting here to be able

to perform the haka before we play and

all black jersey is is pretty special

it's a slug lighting tour LTR or New

Zealand is a small country and so when

we go out and face these countries that

are three four times larger than


we strive to survive and uphold our own

self sell our mana our integrity anyone

that represents the small country they

do it with immense pride and that's what

this hacker gives them we're really

proud of our heritage and when we do the

haka together

that's a transfer sir look along line

see our teammate and really connect with

with a man next to us the OL Blake's

been performing the haka for you know

well over a hundred years now so it's as

part of being an all black spiritually

gaining strength from the guys beside us

from the ground that we stand on getting

that their positive energy going and the

people that have worn the jersey before

or perform the haka and the past there's

something that's pretty unique and

always something that we can could fall

back on to draw strength from anyone

that makes that all blacks team when

they take that field doesn't matter who

it is they're going to achieve their

goal are they going to die trying

karma take our order you know we're

United as a team when we perform the

hacker and you know nothing's gonna stop

us we're always gonna perform the haka

and no matter what's what's put in front

of us it's our cultural heritage issuing

a challenge celebrating and victory it's

as important as our National Anthem

the pukana

as the act of defiance which is

exhibited by the protruding tongue so

when you see the All Blacks pukana at

the end of the haka that's them telling

you bring it on