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what is up everybody this is Judy and

welcome to the first episode of my

channel in this video we are going to

talk about how much did I score in GRE

and three big myths about GRE let's get

started so if you're new to my channel

this channel is focused on life

experiences and personal experiences

coming from India to United States to

get my masters I came United States to

get my masters and I will share

everything and anything happened during

that journey and you're gonna talk about

lots and lots of topics if you haven't

seen my first video I'll put the link so

that you can see the introduction to the

channel but in this video I'm gonna

explain and talk about how much did I

score in GRE and the three big myths

which I have was told and I heard and I

am aware of so hopefully this will help

you understand and give you more clarity

on GRE for so people who don't know GRE

is an entrance exam mmm it stands for

Graduate Record examination

I hope I'm right but it is an entrance

exam to get admission in colleges in

United States so that is the entry point

that is an entry point to even start

applying for college you have to have to

give that with GRE you also have to give

TOEFL we will do another video for that

and and you know we will talk more about

that in detail in another video so how

much did I score in GRE years the truth

I scored

to 94 that is right I did school to 94 I

know it is it is not that great Scot

when I scored it I was demotivated

discouraged because a lot of people told

me it's not a great score and then I

heard all these three myths which we're

gonna talk about but let me tell you I

scored 294 I got an admission i got

student visa i got full i succeeded as a

student i got a full-time job and I am

very successful at my job so do not

worry if you score somewhere around that

range I am NOT encouraging you that you

should score that much but if you score

if you happen to get that score don't

worry about you know that that's a low

score and don't be demotivated to come

to United State I might also try to you

know kind of edit it and actually put my

GRE score report if I can find it I will

try to put it like a scanner and I'll

try to put in video somewhere so you

guys can see actually how much I scored

and warble and conned I think I scored

more in contact ative analysis than

verbal so we will do more detail video

on how did I prepare for GRE and you

know what you have to go through and

what classes did I do if you want to

know all of that please put a comment

saying that you would love to know how

did I prepare for GRE let's talk about

three big myths

the first one is that you will not get

admission I mean you can tell that I'm

in United States I am working full time

I was a student I did get an admission

so that is absolutely not true that if

you score below 300 or into 90s range

you will not get an admission I don't

think that is true because there are

tons and tons of colleges who will give

you admits based on that score range

below 300 and let me tell you one clear

thing GIS code doesn't necessarily

dictate where you're going to go there

is so many other things like portfolio

your statement of purpose your profile I

mean a lot of other things your research

and everything matters for getting an

admin so don't stick to just GRE score

that is that is good to have about 300

or 330 if you want to go into Harvard

and Stanford but I mean if you just want

to come to United State and be

successful you don't have to have about

300 so that's the first myth second myth

you will not get your visa because of

your low score of GRE that is not true I

in fact let me tell you lot of my

friends and me myself included were not

even asked how much I score in GRE you

might get that question and they might

ask you but they are not going to judge

you based on your GRE score nobody cares

about GRE scores it's just like an

entrance exam to see that if you qualify

to get into masters program and if you

pass and if you have good level below

300 is not considered as a bear and visa

won't be rejected I mean I'm an example

in fact let me tell you in all in my

university there were at least more than

15 to 20 people who scored around 290 s

range below 300 and they all have six

they they are all successful in their

jobs right now they were all successful

as a student nobody

asked a single question that why did you

score so low why do you have less than

300 so don't worry about it and that's

the second myth and the third and the

worst myth which is why I was

demotivated because people told me that

you are not going to get any good

colleges in that below 300 score that is

not true at all I mean yeah you if you

get below 300 you cannot expect that you

want to get into like you know Harvard

and Stanford and all of that but but a

decent college a good college you can

easily get in below 300 and let me tell

you my best friend one of my best friend

he scored

I think 296 he scored just two two more

points and he got into USC LA that's one

of the best colleges in the United

States University University of Southern

California in Los Angeles so like I said

you know your admission your admit is

not just dependent on your GRE score it

has so many factors why did you want to

do your statement of purpose letter and

then your recommendations and then you

know your own research your profile that

you have work experience lot of things

go into that if you want to know more

details about that please put a comment

and we'll make another video on what

does College look for when they Karen

admin or when they get an application

from us alright let's wrap it up so

don't worry if you score just like me 1

to 94 don't worry about it you will

still be successful in United States you

will still get a good college and you

will just do fine with that school 3 big

mitts are one that you will not get an

admission which is not true because I

got an admission and like 15 to 20

people just like me had an admission to

is that if one gets student visa based

on your score I don't think a lot of

people get that question as an student

interview as a student visa interview

and even if they

I don't think they judge you they judge

your interview based on how much you


I think they we will do more detailed

video on student inter like student visa

interview and what was what were the

questions they asked me and my friends

and you know we'll talk more in detail

in three that you will not get admission

in good colleges if you score below 300

that is also not true I my college was

great college I think I I mean I am

successful as my student in normal like

once you graduate I don't think like a

lot of people can like care about how

much you scored and GRE in fact nobody

is gonna even ask you how much you

scored in JIS so don't worry about if

you score below 300 I don't encourage

that you should only prepare for below

300 but if you do get below 300 don't be

discouraged don't be demotivated it is

okay we will work on it and we will make

your profile more stronger so that you

can get in a decent good college and

still be successful as a student alright

that is all I had for this video please

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