Endangered: Gray Bat

and today we will investigate about the

great back back extension or not and we

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okay we conserve and how can we prevent

it to be extinct our species the

playback them meiosis reasons Rama is

what type of organization the greatest

is a map when the world can be find the

country music throughout the southern

United States it's used warm caves in

summer where they establish maternal and

macular colonies few have been found

present outside caves in the winter they

hibernate in a few proteins where is the

conservation study the conservation

status is near here because since the

kill but it is a is an organism that

it's in danger of extinction he has to

have a confrontational stance and if it

is near threatened it doesn't mean that

you will scream right now but if we

continue harming this animal habitat in

for change you can extinct in in in a

few years


what has caused it to become endangered

perfectly well the farmers are important

to insects so they died because they

even big crops and the battery drain

sense they have very good poison and

therefore the better being person to

totally die right yes well you must be

affected even those extremes kinda

because the farmers will have trouble

fighting I can take it insects in in

parts because the play part is the main

predator of the insects in that zone so

it will be more difficult for them to

for them to to maintain their crops safe

if the population of inlets are is


will any other organism be affected if

it go extinct

well and it should be effective because

real facts are kind of your country

and so right that's the insects staying

with the population they will and need

more food and so the food will be wrong

yes that's right especially service

traps what is being done to happen

well a protection is being done

protecting all the kids will great that

slim they use herbicides and pesticides

the poisons but they are being

controlled and I use in areas with the

great parts don't need this is the end

of our of our presentation and now and

now we will show you some features about

the tree back