Google is giving your search history to the FBI


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the world health organization is saying

something that may surprise you

they're telling governments around the

world to not rely on just

shutting down entire economies in part

recognizing that

it actually may cause more harm than

good well this week on the news with

rick sanchez a healthy debate between

amisha cross who hosts watching the

hawks here on rt america

and ned ryan of american majority take a


here is the world health organization


kind of agreeing i'm using that's my

word not yours

with something that the president and

many conservatives have been saying

for quite a long time how do you respond

well i definitely wouldn't say that this

is agreement what the world health

organization has announced is that this

isn't the only

method this shouldn't be the go-to

method and i think that taking into

consort with the other things that we

know in

terms of social distancing in terms of

you know regular hand washing

um in terms of making sure that there

aren't rooms that have a capacity over a

certain amount of people

those are things that technically work

what we found from the shutdowns is that

in many cases they've given people a

false sense of strength or a false sense

of reliability with the assumption that

they would not be able to

transmit the virus whereas there were a

lot of people who still hosted

house parties and other things i'm from

chicago originally i know chicago shut

down locked down for a while

yet their cases steadily went up but in

large part that was because of basic

human behavior and people not following

the social distancing guidelines

so i think that taking in construct with

the other things that we've heard from

organizations like the cdc it's very

important that we follow all of those

things and not look to

one as the magic bullet to ensure that

people are healthy and safe

all right now ned uh go ahead kevin

let's show that list now that you had up

there just a little while ago because i

think this

helps me direct the question to uh ned


uh it's not just about shutting down

economies it's about even doing all the

other little things like making sure not

only that you wear masks but that you

wear them properly

most people don't even know the cdc mask

guidelines that they have to be worn

over the nose and the mouth

that the mask must have multiple layers

that cloth masks need to be cleaned


hands should be clean when applying or

touching a mask for example

otherwise you're just transferring

potentially covid to yourself or others

that ventilator masks are not

recommended that single-use masks

are not to be used longer than two to

three hours

you know they're little things but it's

not just about

one thing and i think that's to amisha's

point ned is she right

well i i want to focus on the fact that

i was right months ago by saying these

lockdowns extended lockdowns are


uh and are causing such economic and

mental and health

devastation far exceeding i think what

covid will actually end up being i mean

with the world health organization i

thought was interesting in this

interview from the world health

organization where he pointed out

lockdowns are not to be the primary tool

to slow down kovid

and oh by the way they're economically

devastating in making the poor even


i would point the viewers to the great


declaration that was put together by

infectious disease experts from harvard

and oxford and stanford

signed by 5500 science practitioners and


11 000 medical practitioners pointing

out that we should return

as much as normal to normal life despite

the virus while protecting the most


because of the lockdown's devastating

economic health and educational

impact yeah and if we want to talk

science rick if we want to talk cdc

their best estimates from a month ago 0

to 19

99.997 survival rate you go to the next

age bracket it's 99.98

you get up to the upper ages up to the

age of 69. it's 99.5

survival rate even to the 17 above it's

94.5 percent

at some point we have to have a

conversation about how do we protect the

most vulnerable

but we've got to get back to work

because the greater barrington

declaration pointed this out and i

thought was a very good point these

lockdowns are devastating to the working

class and i would argue that those that

are arguing for extended lockdowns

are anti-working classes i got your

point but here's the other point

here are the countries that have been

able to deal with this effectively

vietnam south korea china

new zealand some of them knocked it out

in like weeks

to a month and they didn't do it amesha

with a lockdown

they did it with an entire list a bevy

of things

including testing immediate testing

knowing who are the people who are sick

isolating them

i mean that is how you apparently combat

this disease right

no i agree 100 they did it with a

leadership structure that leaned in on

the science they did it with the

leadership structure and a government

that understood what covet 19 was and

what type of a threat it was they did it

by not acting like covet 19 was a hoax

or that faulty drugs that had already

been tested and failed were not things

that would be helpful

they didn't call in demons for doctors

to um to negate

actual medical fact so at the end of the

day we do have countries that have far

exceeded the level of success when it

comes to preventing individuals from

contracting cobit 19 and i think that

those are areas that we need to look


um in terms of the methods that they've

used but in each one that you just named

they had government leadership that

followed and acknowledged the fact that

covet 19 was a threat and developed a

plan from day one

whereas in america we had a president

who completely ignored the threat

and decided to keep going as if it would

not affect us and acted as though we

were somehow insulated because we're the

united states and we have american blood

running through our veins

and we'd be okay

so the damage from covet 19 has been

felt around the world in

health businesses and economies now the

meat packing industry specifically

though they've suffered from severe

coronavirus outbreaks mainly because you

know production line workers are working

side by side working long hours

some of the biggest companies jbs tyson

foods and smithfield foods

well they closed about 20 plants this

past spring because of outbreaks which

led to president trump

forcing plants to reopen in april all to

ensure that the nation's meat supply is


now tens of thousands of meat packing

employees have contracted covet 19.

and hundreds have died you would think

these big meat packing companies

might help their employees in some way

especially in workers compensation


but no many of these companies they're

denying employee applications for help

stating that their covid19 infections

were non-work related

well this week on america's lawyer mike

papentonio and farron cousins looked at

what these employees can do who are in

dire need of some help

what they've done is they've turned the

workers compensation

law on its head they've turned osha on

its head

haven't they they really have because

with the workers comp cases they're

saying well

you're saying you caught this here but

we really think you probably caught it

when you

went to the grocery store you caught it

because you were out with your friends

and they do have you know there's very

good investigators working for these

meat packing plants on their law firms

and they'll go out and say hey you know

we spied them over at this place we

spied them at this

church they went to church right and so

that's probably where they caught it so

they're doing all the sneaky


when we can almost definitively at this

point prove

they got it from the unsafe and

unsanitary conditions in these meat

packing plants well here's part of the


i don't mean to plant with too big of a

brush but the worker comp lawyers the


who typically do workers compensation

are not really trial lawyers okay they


you know they're they're administrative

hearings and so they don't really build

a case to show how ridiculous it is

right that they can justify the osha

standard is clear

the osha standard is that you have to

have a workplace that's free of hazards

and it's uh it it works in a way

to prevent injury to prevent death i

mean that's osha

and this is just the opposite they come

in they don't even give a mask

they don't even pay attention to the

problem for almost two months

no social distancing no masks it's just

like a free-for-all of

of of this epidemic right there in these

in these plants it really is and this


is not just about the you know problems

of the meatpacking plants

it's about the dysfunction of our

regulatory agencies that's been taking

place for

40 years at this point you know there it

doesn't necessarily get a whole lot

better under democrats

than it is under republicans so they see

the same dysfunction

because you keep these same people in

place you know oh it's

not necessarily the same individual but

it's somebody from

industry and they'll run osha they'll

run the fda they'll run

uh department of transportation and and

all of that

and that's why nothing ever changes

that's why nobody gets fined that's why

nobody goes through

a republican it doesn't change if it's

democrat it doesn't change everybody

there's just more fun

well it is already clear that the new

that the new normal is neither now

several months ago optimists predicted

a v-shaped recovery meaning that after

everything was brought to a halt and

as the shutdown hit we would shortly

bounce back well when it wasn't so

shortly then it was talk of a

u-shaped recovery a more gradual bounce


well now the numbers paint a more

painful picture a k-shaped recovery

two inverse v-shapes those at the top

well they're doing just fine but those

at the bottom

they're desperate furloughs have turned

permanent entire industries are tanking

and we could lose for good

airlines hotels movie theaters even las


well this week on the big picture

holland cook asked ceo david lewis who

advises companies of all sizes across

all industries

how we can and how we'll really bounce


but the nice surprise i think the

positive thing to come out of covet if

there is one

is that right now it looks like that's

locked in that companies have now

realized that their employees don't need

to come to an

office in order to be productive and

that includes in collaborative roles

and that's going to have a significant

impact on how companies choose to hire

and where those people come from in the

months to follow

when covet is in the rearview mirror if


are having a tough time identifying

employees they want to hire

what are the smart moves now for job

seekers should they be on

linkedin or how else do you show up

so you have to realize that in when the

economy dips like it did over the summer

you suddenly wind up with a real problem

as an employer in that

if you post a job on a website you're

now dealing with

a thousand or more resumes and many

companies just don't have the technology

or the resources to go through that

so what they've moved to and this is a

movement that's gone on for years now

is instead of posting jobs i want to go

find the candidates i'm looking for by

looking on resume

databases and without question by


linkedin has become the biggest resume

database in the world

so if i'm going to talk to a friend or a

family member and say how do you go

ahead and get a job today

the first thing i tell them is update

your profile on linkedin

expand all the information you can about

your contacts and your network

take some tutorials on how linkedin

advises you

and others who follow linkedin advise

you on how to build a formidable


and you're going to get your shoulder

tapped a lot by prospective employers

who would prefer to talk to you

that way than have you respond to some

type of billboard ad that they put up on

a website

traditionally the job was won and lost

in the in-person employment interview

that process has moved online too i take

it now huh

yeah i mean what we're doing right now

is what companies have been doing and

had to do over the course of the summer

many of them just picking up where they

left off a lot adapting to this


but yes we're doing interviews now

through video

um you know one of the things i found

interesting is coming i'm coming out of

the office i happen to be in today which

i haven't been in a lot for the last

five months

i left here that day before we shut down

with my headphones for my um for my


i barely use them now i do everything

through video

and that's made it a lot easier for

companies to do interviewing

because they first got used to using

video and interacting with their


that's helped in the process of

normalizing this as a means of

communication with candidates now

so if you're going to do a job search

today you can expect that that first

screening conversation is going to be by


even when it's safe to go back to the


well stick around folks there's more to

see on just press play right

after this


there are stories

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america well she's an academy award


and a queen of comedy but it wasn't

always that way for monique

well since her early days in stand up to

her oscar-winning role in precious

monique has built a stellar resume and

it all started in her hometown of

baltimore maryland where 20 years ago

her brother actually dared her to take

the stage for the first time ever

and perform stand up on her very first


she got a standing ovation and that got

the ball rolling

well this week on dennis miller plus one

the two talked comedian to comedian

all about the rises and falls along the

way and what always kept monique pushing


when you're doing independent you don't

have time nor the money to mess around

so when they say go baby it is go from

the gate

so from the first day it was go like you

know you don't have the luxury

of overtime you don't have the luxury of

you know what we're just going to take

three extra hours just to do

you know some cool out time it was

when he said go it was go which i i

really appreciate that

i love the independent world because

it is you gotta come with your chops

like you gotta come with it there is no

mess around time it is no cut take 53

you better get that in two takes


it's so funny i know it's an indie and i

know you're

relatively new to the theatrical film

thing but as i'm watching that night

i remember watching that and being so

like mesmerized

shattered enamored i could watch it on

two tracks the story was shattering me

and the other side was thinking wow she


killing this that when it got to that

night i thought she i did she i know

she's gonna win i know you can't think

like that but tell me what's

that that's to go from comedy clubs to

sitting in there and hear in your name

winning academy award you know dennis

i get asked that question often right

and as a little girl winning an academy

award was never

the pop moment for me because

when i watch the awards people that look

like me their names didn't get called so

i was like

but it was the image award that for

me was oh my

god and dennis the first night they

called my name for

image award i think i tinkled

just a little bit but not enough to show


okay because that was

that was this little girl in her

bathroom mirror saying

i want to thank you know but i think


with that academy award um

because i knew the history of it and i


the history of having mcdaniel when she

wanted and what came with that

that wasn't um a moment for me that i

was like oh my god it's this

it was a moment for me to be grateful


but it wasn't that moment for me to be

all the end-all because i knew the

history of

it for black women that won that award

it's not the same

for white men white women black men it's

not the same so this same excitement

and that it didn't come with that

because the paycheck doesn't come with


so the u.s war on huawei continues a new

report shows that the u.s

attempts to block huawei from accessing


it's not working in parts of europe now

it states that huawei which is the

world's biggest maker of mobile telecom

equipment and smartphones

is still looking for a solution to help

millions of their customers

this after google was banned from

providing technical support for new

huawei phone models which

still use the android operating system

well this week on boom bust co-host


bohr sat down with boom bus co-host and

investigative journalist ben swann

to dig a little deeper into this report

ben huawei's vp for europe says that

washington was blackmailing chip makers


shunning ties with huawei yet he claims

the company is actually confident

about its future why is that yeah i

think the confidence comes from the 5g

sector what essentially they're saying

is that in europe for the countries that

will still work with them huawei is

still the leader in terms of technology

they still have more going on than a lot

of their competitors do like nokia and

ericsson and yet

the real problem that they're facing is

in terms of that android operating

system you and i have talked about this

quite a bit

we know that obviously you know huawei's

had to develop their own

uh operating system but you have to

consider the fact that

for about and i want to get this number

right 90

million european huawei users

90 million of them have phones that

the android operating system is still on

for that huawei phone so if you buy a

new huawei phone now obviously you can

get those

newer updated systems but for 90 million

users in europe

if you have the old phone you have the

android system and because of the

restrictions the us has put into place

android or google is no longer allowed

to provide

updates to that so your phone is

essentially a piece of junk now as

time rolls on so it's a huge blow to to

huawei and certainly

you know if you have customers who have

already shelled out what a thousand

dollars for a phone or whatever it is

that people are paying for these

and they say all of a sudden i cannot

update my phone any longer that's a huge

problem when you then turn around and

decide if you want to buy another huawei

for the future or do you go someplace

else like for instance maybe

samsung that has watched their profits

go way up over the last quarter

well and that's such a huge deal in the

cell phone market because it's all about

the next latest greatest technology

and when it comes to software and new

apps coming out if they're not

compatible with the operating system

then what are you going to do here now

ben meanwhile

huawei has been pushed out of another 5g

build out as

nokia has actually been selected to help

build 5g networks in belgium

uh was this an actually surprising move

or did we expect this

yeah i think we kind of expected it

we're seeing it in multiple places

obviously you know

in japan and australia they're moving

their 5g build out away from huawei and

in this case as you said belgium

is the latest to do this belgium


is a nato member uh and and listen

everybody seems to be kind of succumbing


u.s pressures the u.s is pressuring very

heavily around the world as we know in

the uk

and in different countries to say don't

allow huawei to build out your 5g so

instead they're moving over to companies

like nokia and erickson in this case

it's nokia

but what's really interesting about this

as we've said in the past

is that there is no evidence so far that

the 5g

technology that huawei which they again

seem to be the world leader in

um is susceptible to any kind of

hacking or backdoor access from the

chinese government so even though the

u.s continues to make these claims and

applies political pressure on countries

like belgium to do this

they are winning the u.s is certainly

winning this battle in terms of

of applying the pressure and forcing

these deals away from huawei and instead

to these other companies like nokia

so one thing that can be a little


is someone's internet search history

right well normally police

need a warrant on a known suspect to

collect all that sensitive information


a new unsealed court document found out

that police

can work around that it's a story that's

not getting nearly enough headlines but

there's one woman that's making it a

headline this week redacted tonight's

naomi caravani joins me now naomi thanks

so much no so

naomi what is going on here how did this

all come about

well i think when big tech amasses a

large amount of data the government is

going to come knocking

law enforcement is going to come

knocking and so

they're actually called reverse warrants


you have the information you have a

search term and then

google gets this request from law

enforcement and then

gives the data to the police gives the

data of

thousands of people at one time to the


normally this happened with a location

so so the cops would give

google a warrant for a specific location

and all the location data of all the

cell phones in the area

of a crime would be given to the police

so naomi one would actually think that

you know if this is a crime that makes

headlines and everyone's gonna then be

googling it

i mean doesn't this kind of make it a

little bit harder for the police i mean

is this even helping has it helped

well in one case actually

i should mention that we don't know a

lot about these reverse warrants because

we only find out about them when court

documents are unsealed so in one case

federal agents took about a city's worth

of phone of phone location data in

in milwaukee and so they didn't really

get much

from that case in fact but if they have


really narrow uh really narrow turn that

they're looking for

for instance somebody's address that was

a victim of a crime in one case

a witness to our kelly's court case was

harassed by one of his associates and


address was put into google by the


who set his car on fire

and it was really easy to find that

person because it was a very specific

thing but it looks like

in some cases they're taking thousands

of people

and and innocent people are getting

swept up in the searches

and in some cases it can be really

helpful if they have a narrow search


wow so you know naomi like i think one

of the big questions here is that

shouldn't maybe google get a slap for

doing this even maybe police getting a

slap too i mean they know the law

they know they kind of really can't do

this i mean will there be any


well i think google needs to be a little

bit more transparent about our location

data what's being shared with police

of course and especially for people who

are going to be

you know swept up in this dragnet you

have people who live in high crime areas

who are going to be

looked at as suspects so that's really

tragic there are

there are judges who have said no to

these warrants but there are a lot of


who've said yes to these warrants and it

takes about a couple minutes for them to

to approve it so it it's not looking

it's looking pretty bleak

well you know naomi you know between you

and then the rest of the redacted

tonight team you guys always do a great

job of bringing these issues forward and

then putting your you know little

comedic twist on it i always love

watching you guys

thanks again so much for joining us

today on uh just press play and then

remember you can always check the rest

of the redacted team

every friday night well that is going to

be it for just press play i'm fair and

franzek to see more of the clips that

you just saw here download the app for your apple or

android device

we'll see you here next week and as

always don't forget to question more