What Do You Know About the Golden Gate Bridge?

for hundreds of years European explorers

search this coastline for California's

fabled Cities of Gold

and yet treasure hunters kept missing

the entrance to one of the world's

finest natural harbors the Golden Gate

it was hidden for so long because this

is what explorers would say a rocky

shoreline turbulent waters and no hint

of an opening the bay opens up three

miles back from the Pacific its entrance

is only a mile wide hard to spy from the


in fact it was a land expedition that

finally spotted the entrance from nearby

hills two hundred and thirty years after

the first Spanish ships sailed by a 19th

century army captain gave the passage

its name Golden Gate

today anyone entering the babe I see

must pass under San Francisco's most

iconic structure the Golden Gate Bridge

it's hard to imagine now but before the

bridge was built the only way across the

bay was by ferry boats carried 50,000

commuters a week it's no wonder the

biggest opposition to the bridge came

from ferryboat operators but at last in

1930 the voters of San Francisco gave

engineer Joseph Strauss the greenlight

Strauss said he dreamed of building the

biggest thing of its kind that a man

could build his design ranks with the

Empire State Building in Brooklyn Bridge

as a symbol of American Progress and

ingenuity the entire bridge is 1.7 miles

long it's towers rise 746 feet above the

bay to build a similar bridge today it

would cost over a billion dollars

in 1937 the golden gate made its debut

as the world's longest suspension span

it's two main cables reach 4200 feet

from one tower to the other it's called

a suspension bridge because the roadway

hangs from the cables the cables are

held up by the two towers and anchored

at either end of the bridge and while

most bridges at the time were painted

black the Art Deco Golden Gate was

painted a reddish orange to catch the

light and make it stand out in fog