New York Giants I Early Mock drafts predict Jaylen Waddle to Giants at 11


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now let's rock listen

shout out to the giants you know what

i'm saying

you don't want saying shout out to the

giants just for the simple fat dick

we beat tom brady in two super bowls

and it's like the more he keep winning

the more eli manning legend continues to


after last night i was like yeah eli

better get it on the first ballot

he got to get in on the first battle but

um i might do a video on that

later this week you know it's a slow

news week i might do a video about

um the giants first time breeding but

for the sake of this video and

congratulations to tom brady too

i don't hate tom brady i hate the fans

that slurp him ridiculously

i find it funny that tom brady goes to

10 super bowls and he's the goat

lebron go to 10 finals and god said he

ain't but

whatever um

jaylen waddle all the mock drafts that

came out last week in the mock drastic

came out

earlier today they have jayla waddle

coming to the giants at 11.

as i predicted you know i'm saying i

said in a perfect world the giants will


get kenny gallaudet and draft jayla


you know what i'm saying or what i

really want the giants to do and i've

been on record for saying this

i want the giants to

sign kenny galladay and curtis and

let leonard williams walk take that 23

million dollars that leonard williams


give like 17 to god give 17 the gal a

day and give like another eight

to curtis sammy all right and then draft

the best

corner available to the left whether

there's farley

certain whatever i wouldn't mind signing

two receivers and then drafting

a corner or an edge rusher

at 11 i think that will be if we if we

sign two receivers

that opens up the 11th pick and we can

just take the best thing available

it could be kyle pits it could be

certain it could be anything

but a lot of my dreads actually have

certain going to the eagles

so the the might drab that was on the

colin cowherd show

forgive me for the um me forgetting the

name of the analyst who did the

mock draft from colin kaeper show shout

out to him he know who he is if you have

a click on the video

but um he had jaylen waddle

going to the giants but here's the funny

thing he had jamar

chase going to the

dolphins and then he had devonta smith

going to the bengals

no he had devonta smith going to uh the


so because the bengals are taking that

surly guy whatever his name is the best

tackle in the draft whatever that's who

the bengals are supposed to be taking

i was actually shocked they had the

eagles draft in a corner

but then i was like you know what the

eagles just drafted

a wide receiver in the first round last

year it actually makes more sense for

them to get a corner

to a go against dallas and b

help out um darius sleigh

so you know that makes sense so i was

like okay

jaylen wilder fall into the giants it

makes it makes

it's a perfect fit it is the

my only thing is i really feel like the

jaylen waddle thing

what's the difference between jaylen

watt and i like jalen waddle

he has tyre kill potential not saying

hey this guy is a burner

i love jaylen waddle i do but

i would rather sign curtis sammy on

gallaudet i really would just forever

sign two proven guys

not saying that jaylen waddles bad

because i think he can be the next to

rick hill

this kid has burners he's 510 he's the

perfect height i love those

510 six foot one at the max build


because they they they run better routes

they're not too big

you know because most of the if you look

at this realistically most big receivers

once you start getting with the

exception of julio jones

okay with the exception of julio jones

most of these big receivers don't really

run they're not

they're not route technicians you know

what i'm saying most of the good route

technicians are like

antonio brown or um

odell beckham they're like that ten six

foot mole on marvin harris and reggie

wayne they were six feet tall

devonte um devonte adams he's 6-1

deandre hawkins he's 6-1 once you start

getting to like that six

three six four six five is you you're

not really a si

you're not a sound of a route technician

look at the boy mike evans

even kenny galadin who we love kenny

gallagher is not the best route runner

but he's got burners and he can make

contested catches down the field

kind of like mike evans so as i feel


i really want to get us i want i kind of

want odell back

that's really what i'm saying i want i

want that odell beckham

that antonio brown i want that kind of

receiver i want that

speedy shippy route technician always


sideline catch a receiver and that's

what i feel like

jaylen waddle can beat that's what i

think he has the mode of and i thought

and i like the tyre kill comparison

because he's fast he could catch that


and he can do things like that run that

tyreke hill had last night

versus the bills in the in the

championship game where he caught a five

yard slant

he cut up the field ran all the way to

the right

juked two corners and cut all the way

back up to the left side of the field

and ran to like the five yard line

jayla waddle can do things like that and

it's been proven because he does it on

punt returns

we draft jaylen wilder we got we got one

of the best kick

kick returners slash pup returners in

the league

day one jaylen waddle was a

multi-purpose guy

so and he comes from alabama

same thing another thing a marvy cooper

that's another guy marvy cooper six foot

one he's a route technician

other than julio jones and calvin


earlier this decade i don't know of any


tall route technicians like maybe you're

in the chat can help me

but i don't know of any big tall route

technicians in the nfl like i just don't


other than julio you know uh cortland

sutton is not a route technician he's

six foot four

um i already said gallaudet is really

not a route technician mike

evans really isn't a route technician i

guess michael thomas

is six three but all michael thomas does

run slants

that's all he do michael thomas is on

twitter crying about all he do is run


and shallow crosses so i don't know big

fists don't know

giants nation big fists don't know

i don't you feel me but i i really think

that jaylen waddle can be a ty

hilton tyree kill kind of guy

and hopefully hopefully he works on his


and he can take that next level and be

an older beckham

or antonio brown he has that build

so that's what i'm hoping for if we take

him at eleven

i'm hoping i'm that's gonna hope before

we take him at 11 giants nation but i

already told you

in a perfect world with draft curtis we

signed curtis salmon for like 8 million

sign kenny g for like 17 and keep it


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