Why is Every Game in 2020 DELAYED? - My Thoughts


what's up let's see what's going on in

the world of gaming news today Oh


another 15 games got delayed that's just

so super you know what let's talk about

that was it gamers dreamcast guy here

and it's time to finally address the

game delays because this is just a topic

that's been the elephant of the room

people were very very mixed on 20:19 it

was this really strange half and half of

chaotic and quiet some of the games we

got in 2019 were fun or unexpected

things like days god were way better

than anybody could have predicted and

gave us fun open-world adventures but a

lot of times even in the middle of 2019

people are going oh yeah this is just

the appetizer in 2020 that is going to

be the main course and now that we're

actually here in the year in january

waiting for all the games to come out it

seems like we're still gonna be waiting

quite a while longer you know it's kind

of funny this video itself is actually

delayed i was totally planning on

talking about this a while ago but we

just keep getting more and more delays

announced that it just seemed like i had

to wait to see what else was going to be

shoved so let's just just real quickly

let's list off some of the games that

have just been delayed so far some of

these you may not have even actually

realized were being delayed cyberpunk is

now being delayed to September 17th

marvel's avengers remember the game that

actually has these really weird faced

avengers copies because they can't make

it look like the people doing the movies

that is now being pushed to september


Ubisoft is delayed a bunch of games yep

yeah probably forgot about this we were

supposed to mating watchdogs Legion in

March now that's just super delayed

Rainbow six quarantine delayed gods and

monsters delayed oh wait now there's

much others

look think about dying light this was

just announced a couple days ago now

dine light has been in production

heavily under work for I think like what

three seven years honestly can't even

remember now because they've been

working on so long and that just got

another giant delay that was originally

coming out in spring of 2020 and now

they just said well it'll come out

sometime this year

next up the ultimate one that really

broke my heart

we got another month delay on the Final

Fantasy 7 remake which was extra

disappointing because the seem like this

game was completely set and ready to go

with all the leaks and rumors going

around around about it pretty much

everybody kind of assumed maybe

preemptively that the Final Fantasy 7

remake was just good to hit the presses

and now we're gonna be waiting a little

bit longer I mean even things like Last

of Us Part 2 Ironman VR these games are

all being pushed back but why so what I

did this morning is I decided to wake up

bright and early and try and study the

history of game delays and try and

figure out what specifically is causing

all these games to be pushed back to

small and sometimes even very big

degrees and I think I figured out

specifically what is going on and why

2020 is just being completely bombarded

with these delays and I think we can

find the answer in the PlayStation 2

yeah that sounds a little bit random but

hear me out on this

so basically back in 2000 the

PlayStation 2 came out now this thing

was pretty much instantaneously a huge

success not because it had the biggest

flashiest graphics or a nice controller

and lots of RPGs but in fact because it

was a DVD player well here's an

interesting thing a lot of people even

back then were working for years and

years and years on particular deeds

game dev even back then in the early

polygon era took a long time to do and

so there were people who were still

finishing up PlayStation 1 releases and

instead of trying to like delay or

cancel their projects

they would end up doing is just spinning

an extra six months of polish to make

their PlayStation 1 games look as good

as possible so people would still buy

and play them on the ps2 this is a fact

this is actually something it was very

interesting because a lot of games came

out like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is one

of those things that was intended to

just be as good-looking


if you actually google something like

the best games that were released for

the PlayStation 1 of the year 2000

you'll see a bunch of games that came

out on the place issued one alongside

the PlayStation 2 even Final Fantasy 9

came out and I think that what's going

on is very very direct right now both

Sony and Microsoft have now gone on the

record at least semi seriously talking

about to backwards compatibility saying

what they want to try and do in the next

two generation and it sounds like

something they're definitely very

envisioned is the idea of hey we're

tired of just these generational gaps

where the Xbox 360 is good and then the

Xbox one replaces it or oh you really

like your place to shoot three well

throw it away because here comes the

PlayStation 4 that idea is definitely

kind of archaic and it sounds like well

not only are Sony and Microsoft trying

to make sure that the PlayStation 5 and

the Xbox Series X are gonna be it sounds

like fully backwards compatibility

backwards compatible but I think they're

already telling a bunch of the game

developers that this is the case so

let's kind of face it a lot of these

game developers now are starting to

realize all right we need to take this

seriously this stuff these may be our

very last PlayStation 4 games ever made

this may be it when we drop this we're

gonna be immediately cutting ties with

this platform and jumping over to the

PlayStation fine so that means that not

only does this game need to look and

play and be fun as hell but let's face

it he needs to stand the test of time it

needs to age well so people are still

gonna be buying it when this time next

year everybody is talking about

PlayStation 5 releases I think that it's

pretty obvious that what they're trying

to do here you

make sure that this stuff is at least

semi future-proofed

now each of these times these game

developers are talking a lot about

making sure that their games are

properly polished you don't want to drop

a game that's rushed or bad the biggest

thing here is that not only are people

concerned with the backwards

compatibility I think that another

primary thing is the fact that game

developers in general they just want to

make better games I think that the seal

of quality the the idea of making an

amazing project that people will want to

even play in a decade that's something

that's definitely talked about and

really kind of emphasized more than ever

for a nice recent example of this you

don't really need to look further than

The Witcher 3 because even though this

game came out quite a while ago it's

still setting some records for

concurrent players it still has people

modding it to do things like putting

Henry Cavill into the game and most

importantly people are still buying it I

think that what's happening now more

than anything is that the games industry

is bigger than it has ever been this is

a multi-billion dollar machine and

everybody is competing for your wallet

everybody wants to try and make the

biggest game that will sell the longest

and they realize that if they can delay

something to make sure that they have a

stronger opening that is absolutely

essential you cannot release broken

games anymore I think that even early

access this is something that may be a

little bit more controversial but I

think a lot of times these steam or

early access games so many of them are

still just failing so catastrophic alee

because I feel like people now want

things to be super super done I mean

something I found very fascinating

personally is even though there has been

tons and tons of delays over the course

of even the last 7 days people seem

happy about it gamers are not mad

they're not saying that this is

ridiculous pretty much everybody on the

internet is applauding them

for taking the time to do this right of

course we all remember the very

legendary quote by Shigeru Miyamoto the

creator of Zelda and Mario and Donkey


he always said a delayed game is

eventually good a bad game is bad


basically saying if you rush trash

congratulations you got faster trash

game developers want to get paid but

more than that they want to make good

art I'm going to show you something I've

never really shown this before but I

feel like it is a good example of how

game developers cares so this is

something that is very very interesting

to me and it's something that somebody

personally gave me there's a guy who is

making a new Dreamcast game by himself

he's a very nice dude he actually has

tracked me down at a couple conventions

now just because he wants me to see his

demo and I've said done it played it

it's like a platformer where you're a

surfer and it plays like surfing music

that his late uncle wrote it is a very

sweet little game he found me and

recently wrote me a letter trying to

tell me how much he wanted me to try his

demo and I feel like this is really an

example in my opinion it's called Rizzo

Island this this is what game developers

are game developers are just dudes who

want to make art for us to play this guy

isn't doing it for a paycheck

this guy doesn't want to become a

multi-millionaire anything well I mean

probably he does everybody wants to be a

millionaire but the thing is this guy

just wanted to do something fun he just

wanted to try and make a Dreamcast game

that people would actually like I'm

gonna lecture link his Twitter down

below just so you can go and like follow

his work I love that game developers are

so passionate game developers are out

there trying their best working like 90

in a hundred hours a week crunching

their freaking brains out just to try

and make stuff extra extra cool that

hopefully will play for a couple years

so are these delays bad in the short

term that

kind of suck I mean if we're just being

brutally honest here it does kind of

blow that the early portions of 20/20

are gonna be so dang silenced but you

know it's all gonna end with a bang

and in my opinion that's definitely

worth it thanks so much for watching

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