Logitech G PRO Wireless, WORTH $150??

hey everyone Tecna here with a good one

today I know you all been waiting for a

long time for this product I have been

waiting a long time myself as well and

why I've honestly been waiting for a

long time is because this is one

expensive Mouse coming in at a hundred

and fifty bucks but luckily through the

holiday season here I was able to pick

it up at a hundred and twenty dollars

not much better right so what we're

gonna talk about here is number one

isn't worth all of the praise that we

see all over online I mean pros using

and all these other reviews just

swearing by the G Pro Wireless but

number two isn't worth that one hundred

and fifty dollars or in my case a

hundred and twenty dollars which is

still a lot of money

all right so as far as in your box

you're gonna get your mouse your USB

cable your wireless adapter and then

some extra side buttons you get 48 hours

of battery life with the RGB on or 60

hours with the RGB off and the only RGB

is that little stinking logo back there

with your hands gonna be covering so

just leave it off and get yourself sixty

hours worth out of this guy and on top

of that great battery life right there

this mouse charge is incredibly quick I

remember when I opened up out of the box

it was at 50 percent so it plugged it in

while I went had dinner and then came

back to it and it was already at a

hundred percent like holy smokes

now another great thing on top of all

that right there say your battery is

getting drained maybe game and it's

about to run out

you can plug the mouse right into the

dauber right here has these nice teeth

right on the front so whatever you're

clicking in the front of your mouse

right there it does not budge at all

it's in there very nice and tight and

the USB cable is a little bit thick so I

recommend you putting it into a bungee

it's not bad by any means you know so

you can still play with it it doesn't

really hold you down but it's really

nice that you can plug it in there and

still use it and charge it at the same

time now connect it to your PC is pretty

cool here you have your dongle again you

have your little adapter just throw that

dongle right in there take your USB

cable that's gonna plug into the back of

that adapter and again with that USB

cable being quite lengthy you can route

it to wherever you want on your desk

right there I put mine right in front of

my mouse pad maybe a few inches back

behind it right there but I always have

a nice secure connection right there

now with the GPRO wireless you do have

that ambidextrous design here but I

really liked the design of this they had

those little mock buttons on the side

the little cover right there

so never you put your hand on you're not

gonna press and you actually can't press

them you know what I mean but it's

really cool if you're left-handed or


they give you those extra switches or

those extra covers right through the

buttons that we talked about earlier

that you're gonna put on whichever side

put the covers over here and the buds

over there or vice versa it's really

nice cuz you don't feel up at all it's

nice and flush right across whichever

way you're using the mouse now the

Jeepers Wireless is using a Logitech

hero sensor in its spot on like I stated

all of my minds videos I test so many

I've only had one mouse that I've

noticed something wrong with the sensor

but again the hero sensor here spot-on

just like the majority of all the other

ones but are so now that we talked about

some of the boring stuff how the mouse

works in this none of the other let's

talk about the juicy stuff and that's

gonna be the weight the shape and then

just using it and how did I like using

it s'alright as far as the weight in

shape right here coming in at 80 grams I

mean this thing is just light weight and

it feels fantastic no creaking no

cranking no flexin no nothing I mean

this thing is incredibly solid now

talking about the dimensions right there

it feels a little smaller my hands

meeting the large hands but as I staying

a lot on my mouse review I don't think

it's about the size of your hand it's

really more or less your grip style and

your play style and that's where the G

Pro wireless really shines in my opinion

I'm a really big palm grip and fan or

claw grip I don't really finger tip that

off to right and did you Pro Wireless

has some nice length to it but it does

feel a little slender on the sides right

there you don't it's not bad by any

means I honestly love the shape of it

but I do wish it was just a pinch few

millimeters out on the side right there

maybe they make an extra large or just a

large G pro Wireless I think that'd be

perfect but again it feels fantastic in

the hand and believe it or not one of my

main mice that I've been using for a

long time pretty much since it came out

that is the G wolves hottie right here

and why the hottie mouse has been such a

gem for me is I've been playing a lot of

the new college

a lot of fortnight and I like playing

fast-paced kind of getting into the

pickle right they're not kind of hiding

back we know that new Call of Duty is an

absolute camp fest but indeed their

games rather be called a duty or

fortnight I like getting into that

heated action and just getting really

fast with it and as far as being able to

switch them like that claw right into

that pawn right there from in a slower

moment it's really nice the hottie

really does that

and you know not to harp on the haughty

compared to the G Pro Wireless here I

think they're so similar I think I'm

gonna do a review comparing the two of

them because again I kind of think of

the hottie as the wired budget G Pro

Wireless so make sure you subscribe and

hit that bell so you can catch that

video I'll get that one out there pretty

soon but again as far as gaming with the

GT Pro Wireless right here I mean is

fantastic I'm gonna glides beautifully

across the mousepad now as far as the

mouse gliding fantastic like that you do

have five feet underneath the mouse here

three on the bottom here one in the

middle around the sensor and then one

nice long one right up the front right

there I've heard people say hey get some

what do you call them hyper glides and

are even better but honestly these stock

ones are perfectly fine



now I'm also underneath the mouse here

you have your power button and then your

DPI button no dpi button on the top

right here just your gaming right there

get right to your buttons right there

nothing getting in your way I think all

my should have the DPI button on the

bottom now you do get dpi indicator

lights right on a top middle right here

when the RGB is off you don't see it

right there but again when you're

selecting your DPI you can see which one

you're selecting and then it just

disappears really cool now a couple of

things that took me a while to get used

to number one were the button clicks up

at the front your mouse one and two cuz

there's no travel than when you press

them BAM they actually right there I

mean they are right there they are quick

and they are precise now I'm not sure if

you could hear it in that sound test

there either the back button feels a

little bit more mushy to me than the

front one I don't know it could just be

me but again it feels just a pinch more

mushy than the front button but as far

as the button presses and it clicks and

everything I mean they are precise and

they are right there no wobble no


if there's one complaint that I would

personally like I'd like to squirrel

wheel just to be recessed a pinch more

again it doesn't need it it's just my

personal request or preference that's

what I look like I like to be down just

a little bit more and the other thing

that took me a little while to get used

to as weird as this is gonna sound is

just the fact of it being Wireless right

I've never really gamed with wireless

mice I do use the Mamba Wireless but

that's really just my everyday kind of

browsing and working Mouse you know I

love this thinking thing you know what I

mean I've dabbled a little bit of gaming

with the here and there but again with

this one being so quick and fast and

just that you know flicking type of fast

game play Mouse it was just weird I got

I had to get used to it because I'm

always like bringing a back thinking my

wires gonna get tangled up over here you

know what I mean

so again that just

just a goofy thing as far as me it took

me a little while to get used to that

but okay I don't have to worry about the

wire all right so what do we think about

the g pro Wireless here number one is it

worth all the praises getting online yes

so number two isn't worth that price tag

$150 MSRP or the hundred and twenty

bucks that I got it on sale for and

honestly I've got to say yes it is

completely worth the money but I still

do think 150 bucks there's a lot of

money for a mouse but yes I am happy

with my purchase now one question I

think a lot of people will be asking or

even thinking about here is should I get

did you Pro Wireless or the VIPRE

ultimate and I love the fiber Mouse it

is a fantastic Mouse just a very nice

shape if you have used the FK Mouse the

Zowie FK it's almost just like that

right so it's a little bit lower than

this here but what I really do not like

about the vipre Mouse is each side

buttons absolutely cannot stand the side

buttons they're too recessed into the

mouse right there and it's unusable for

me almost I honestly have my Viper box

stuff as much as I love it and think

it's a great Mouse I can't stand the

side buttons so again with both of the

mics coming in right around the same

range talking about the viper ultimate

or the g pro wireless me personally all

day long i'm gonna say go with the g pro

wireless again the build is just

fantastic the versatility and the

features within it are incredibly

awesome the side buttons that clicks and

everything this thing checks every

single box here if you're into that FPS

fast-paced gameplay you're gonna love

this mouse and you need to try it

alright so that's gonna wrap up my

review on the g pro wireless right here

let me do that in the comments if you

use a g pro wireless and what you think

about it or are you looking at picking

it up and is it that price that's kind

of holding you back again it held me

back for a long time but please let me

know down in the comments there's really

curious but hey thank you so much for

stopping by and watching this one I

highly appreciate it if I've never

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