Why you should choose the French horn!

hello I'm chief musician Jason Ayub of

the United States and Navy band and I'm

here to tell you why I love the French

horn now when I was a kid I loved going

to Symphony Orchestra concerts so that I

can look at all the different

instruments but the one that really

caught my eye was the shiny big bells

crazy tubed French horn but the other

thing that caught my ear about the

French one was its wonderful glorious

sound like when I listened to Princess

Leia's theme or the beginning of Star

Wars or the Avengers now I bet you

didn't know this but the first ones

weren't even made out of metal at all in

fact they were made out of animal horns

or seashells like this giant conch shell

that I have here from Hawaii take a

listen to this that's a beautiful sound

right instruments like that show and

early French horns would have been used

as a signaling device now another reason

I love the horn is it has such an

expansive range in fact it has a four

and a half octave range take a listen to





now one thing I enjoyed when I was a

beginning French horn student was to

play elephant calls kind of sounds fun

sounds like a real elephant also one of

the very unique things that the French

horn has is a sound called stopped horn

that's where I take my hand in the Bell

and I close it off completely and I get

a very distinct sound as I said earlier

I truly love the expressive sound the

horn can make here is the mysteriously

beautiful Hedwig scene from Harry Potter


now I'm gonna play for you one of my

favorite themes from one of the band

pieces we play here at the Navy band

it's called American overture I'm always

reminded of the Wild West thing Cowboys

when I play that now this last one is

one of the ones I mentioned earlier that

really inspired me to play the French

horn I think you'll recognize it well

thanks everyone for watching and I hope

you enjoy playing the French horn as

much as I do