The Fraser River Journey

imagine the psychological stress of not

knowing where they're going and

continually being told by the First

Nation peoples that they're talking to

that the water is gets worse and they're

going to die at one point in time ok so

you guys probably have noticed cameras

being stuck in your face here they're

not all you haven't noticed that Simon

Fraser I know is a crazy dude that came

down from the top this river this is

actually where Simon Fraser cassius

clues that Leon Creek what we're going

to do is document your trip because next

year is the bicentennial of Simon

Fraser's trip down the river doesn't

hear that Simon Fraser was the first

white made travel river and I said why

is she so famous what about the very

first person in problem

we'd also like to give you guys the

opportunity to help us document it's

like my journal each day I take pictures

of different things you know that I'm

excited to hit record today I'm gonna

get wet but it's gonna be fun gotta hold

on tight in here for her I'd I guess

working in a First Nations community our

youth are lost and we need anything to

help I thought it would be good for me

to get be closer to the river you hang

around with it long enough it'll speak

you leaving coming across a lot of lot

of people and a virgin descent and it's

pretty cool listening to us and gotta

say we would explain to them what

happened to us why is it that where the

way we are today I used to stay in the

TV tonight I think so are you yeah which

one one of the keys a lot right there

they said it was a spiritual experience

for them to get out into nature and to

be able to forget about their lives long