THE FOSTERS Series Finale Explained (Season 5 Finale Recap)


so fosters has officially come to a

close and set up for the spin-off good

trouble so let's break it down one last

time right here on what happened what's

going on everyone Lisa here and it is a

bitter day for this episode of what

happened this is my last recap for the

Fosters and I'm honestly going to try to

stay composed if you've been a fan on my

channel for a while then you know I've

been right there interviewing the cast

of this show since day one it was one of

my favorite sets to always go to because

everyone was so sweet and I actually

just really loved this show and I'm

excited to see where everyone goes from

there are from here but that's why I

kind of have a real attachment to this

show because I've watched this cast grow

up before my eyes for the past five

years now as a finale I think this was

actually a pretty good one sometimes

finales just stink and even when they do

these special episodes they try to do

too much I think this final episode was

actually a really good one

now sure there were probably some

questions you had that weren't answered

and it wasn't one of those finales where

they decided to shove every person who's

ever been on the show back in it was

just simple dramatic satisfying and for

me beautiful I think the only main

question unanswered question I probably

have is where exactly did AJ go did he

not get adopted by Mike did he go live

with his brother did I miss something

there I feel like last we heard he he

was gonna go live with his brother but

then he just vanished

but other than that these finale

episodes a five-year time jump so you

can basically imagine that all the past

characters you've seen have gone on

grown up gone off with their own lives

no I won't lie I did tear up quite a few

times during this finale I mean okay so

I didn't use all of these but you get

the point right I'm sure some of you had

to bust out some Kleenex for this thing

and one of the reasons there were some

tears is there are a ton of flashback

montages because it's the series finale

you got to relive the moments that we

had on the show so we get to see the

evolution of rally the evolution of Stef

and Lena as well as the moms with the

kids but you know what

Sene really made me conjure up the most

tears it was towards the end of the

episode with Jude Callie and Stef and

Lena like that scene just really brought

it home for me and just had me like uh

it was like the core of really what the

Fosters is the whole family just very

much an emotional episode so uh let's

just go ahead and start talking about

this finale and for those of you who

just want to know right now whether the

wedding happened or not it indeed

happened so last episode left us with

the cliffhanger of Callie walking to

someone's door and Brandon getting up to

answer his door

well I'm sorry Brawley fans but Callie

ended up going to Jamie's door and Emma

was that Brandon's door yes Emma now at

first I was like WTF what is she doing

here but then I realized that Brendan

and Hasty's were sharing a hotel room so

that's why she went to that specific

room anyway that is how the episode

kicks off before I get to all their

drama though let's talk about Stefan

Lena because they have quite the

hilarious and embarrassing storyline

this episode they're sitting on the

beach talking about how the kids are

growing up so fast and if Lena should

run for State Assembly Lena then tells

stuff that she's decided to not run but

somewhere they are running to is into

the ocean for a midnight skinny-dipping

session and it is a cute adorable love

fest until one of the hotel workers

obviously does not hear or see them in

the water and picks up the robes yeah

and that is not a good sign

they end up on Nicky Nicky till they

find some big tree leaves and then they

end up finding some gross used towels

since they have no idea on them they

can't get someone to open the door so

they have to go to the front desk to get

a new key and they're just hoping and

praying it is early enough in the

morning for no one to be in the lobby to

notice them well this is a TV show and

of course for the best comedic effect

there is someone in the lobby who

notices them and of course it's Jim and

Diane Elijah's parents yeah I finally

learned the first names in this episode

as for Jude he ends up leaving Carter's

room and going to hook up a some guy at

the resort next door who he met on an

app as he's leaving Carter's room though

he's spotted by Jim and Jim does not

look too happy now let's get back to

Callie Brandon Mariana and hey Seuss

when Callie knocks on Jamie's door

asking if he's still up for a drink the

invites are in but sadly they are not a


Hey yep surprise Mariana is there and at

first it's kind of like huh the three

then share a drink and of course it's as

awkward as you imagined and then Mariana

gets a text from Brandon saying that

he's looking for hey-zeus because emma

is there everyone then kind of goes into

panic mode to find hey soos who is in

Jaden's room because he ended up having

sex with her while Mariana goes off to

find hey soos Kelly goes to Brandon's

room to stall and that's the scene in

the promo that they tried to get you to

think it was Callie going to see Brandon

to like discuss her feelings or ever it

was just a red herring to throw you off

completely different scene instead

Callie is at the room because she's

there to stall while Mariana goes to

find hey Seuss and that process is

pretty hilarious it's money my sister


as soon as hey soos learns that emma is

there though he immediately has this

look of regret on his face and Mariana

tells him to not tell Emma that he

hooked up with Jaden because they were

broken up a time and it'll just work out

better for the relationship she doesn't

have to know kind of like how hey soos

didn't want to know that Emma got that

job offer indie and he would have felt

better not knowing Eman hey soos then

have a talk and she tells him that she

does understand why he felt like he did

like she wasn't choosing him but now

she's choosing him and she flew to Turks

and Caicos to say that she loves him

he's her soul mate and wants to be with

him for ever it's a really actually

beautiful speech and hey soos yeah is

pretty quiet though he still has that

guilt look on his face and all the

answers is I love you too Mariana then

leaves Brandon and Kelly alone and

Callie asked Brandon if he's talked to

Eliza yet about how he's feeling and he

says he just doesn't know what to say

Callie advises him that he really needs

to talk to a lives before he does

something to hurt her that he can't take

back and Callie has actually seen the

way that Brandon looks at Eliza and she

knows that look and she knows for sure

that Brandon is in love with Eliza

Kellie just keeps encouraging Brandon to

talk to Eliza they hug it out and she

leaves and

course watching from the sliding glass

door is Eliza who of course has the

wrong idea about the whole situation and

brings up Callie and Brandon's

relationship and asks if that's the

reason he doesn't want to get married

Brandon insists that Callie has nothing

to do with how he's feeling but you know

what the boys still can't answer Eliza

when she asks why he's having cold feet

and if they're going to get married so

she ends up leaving the room devastated

so Brandon heads to the beach to clear

his head as he's sitting there he feels

a hand on his shoulder and it is none

other than good old dad Mike who was

just arrived for the either the

impending wedding or the impending

disaster and I'm kind of sad that he

only has this one short scene and then

we see him like walk someone down an

aisle that's it I would have loved to

see more Mike anyway Brandon opens up to

Mike about his fears and feeling the

pressure of having to get a real job and

make money and impress Eliza's family

and all of this Mike it sells Brandon

that the only person that can keep you

from achieving what you want is you and

if Brandon can't trust himself enough to

stand up to Eliza and her parents then

maybe he's not mature enough to get

married you can see Brandon really does

love Eliza though as he says he doesn't

want to lose her and Mike just says that

if he can't also choose himself they may

have to call this wedding off well good

old dad's pep talk works and Brandon

goes to Eliza's door and you know what

girl it's in rough shape because she has

been crying all night long and I kind of

don't blame her the two of them talking

he grabs her hand and they marched right

up to the parents and slam that prenup

on the table which he actually has

signed but Brandon ends up laying down

the law he says he doesn't want the

condo he wants to buy his own place he's

going to work his ass off as a film

composer prove them all wrong but he

knows that it's gonna take some time so

they just need to have faith in him and

he's going to sign this prenup if it'll

earn their trust yet Brandon grew a pair

of balls and then it's time for Eliza to

grill her pair and she finally takes a

stand and tells her parents that Stefan

Lena are officiating the wedding the

bridesmaids are not wearing those

uptight dresses and then she has one

last thing to say or do

lyza I trust Brandon and if you guys

don't then you can take me out of the

whoops yes you go Eliza I've been

waiting for this since I like first met

your parents like tell them who is boss

I may have taken three episodes for you

to kind of get me to like you but we've

seen growth in you we actually do see

some growth in the parents too

and I love that all Jim and Diane can do

is just kind of look at each other

dumbfounded but I also feel like there's

this sense of you know being proud in

their eyes of seeing Eliza stand up to

them the wedding is officially on still

I was gonna say back on but it never was

off so it's officially still on the

night before the wedding Mariana and

Kellie also have a little fight as Kelly

asks Mariana if she told Brandon about

Brawley Mariana says she would never but

Callie just keeps grilling Mariana and

questioning her so much so that Mariana

is just like forget this I'm going to

sleep on the couch also the reason that

Mariana was in Jamie's room was because

she was tempted to go back to Matt's

room but then ran into Jamie she asked

Jamie to help her out and not let her do

something stupid with Matt so she went

in his room to have a drink and talk

Mariana is all for Callie hooking up

with Jamie also just like Jude said that

he and Callie have drifted apart and

don't confide in each other anymore it

also seems like Callie and Mariana have

had that rift too so that is all the

pre-wedding drama now we get our really

beautiful wedding ceremony it's super

small everyone looks perfect and we do

get Callie and Brandon glancing at each

other which queues up this whole Brawley

montage that brings all of the fields

now Emma's holding the phone with Corey

on FaceTime so he of course can be part

of this wedding too Stef and Lena then

start reading a poem that they think

summarizes love and family and we get

more flashbacks of Stefan Lena's journey

on the show and then flashbacks of them

with all the different kids and yeah now

I'm guessing by now you're on your

second box of Kleenex maybe no moving on

to the reception Jude asked Carter if

he's okay because he seems a little off

and Carter says his dad was not too

happy about seeing Jude leaving his room

and freaked out Carter then says he

doesn't have a family like huge so he

can't be whatever he wants to be or

whoever he wants to be I know it's

probably tough but I think Carter should

maybe take a cute

lyza maybe stand up to his parents

because by the end of the episode

his parents are actually making some

progress maybe not towards accepting a

gay son but some progress in the right

direction then again maybe Carter

shouldn't quite tell them yet but he

really should just he's an adult he's in

college you know what he can do what he

wants right now I say his parents are

making progress because Jim and Diane

first asked Steph about her back tattoo

and we get that sweet back story and how

it's a family tree then Jim asks Lina

what her platform or agenda is going to

be if she's running for a state assembly

and she tells him but then she says

she's actually not running Jim and Diane

then surprised the crap not only out of

Stefan Lina but I think out of the

entire audience when they say that if

she changes her mind they actually know

some Democratic donors who might hold a

fundraiser for her see while their views

may not be the same there is some

support there you can you know respect

someone else's platform and and show

support and whatever way you can while

still holding on to your beliefs without

you know cutting someone down and it's

nice to see that this family has slowly

made just maybe a centimeter of progress

in the right direction right I still

have a feeling like their get together

they're you know family dinners are

gonna be super awkward when they're

together but maybe less awkward than

they would have been if this had not

happened what else we also have Callie

finding Mariana and apologizing for

accusing her of snitching to Eliza

Mariana says she knows she hasn't been

the best at keeping secrets and it's

like no Sherlock

but she's grown up now and okay so maybe

Mariana has grown up some but not in all

departments I mean when it comes to boys

not so much she then starts thinking of

going on tour with Matt in Europe and

she is so hung up on him being her first

love and then they're destined to be

together and she thinks that if she

waits too long to get back with Matt

it'll just be too late

she then heads off the fine Matt and

well unfortunately finds Matt making out

with Ashley the bridesmaid in the

stairwell so looks like Matt wasn't that

into Mariana and just wanted some nookie

nookie I don't really know how I feel

about them all of a sudden making Matt

such a jerk

because I really did like Matt but I

guess we had to have some kind of kick

in the butt for Mariana to be like okay

I can be independent

now I can move on from you know this

high school drama in this first love and

go adventure out into the new land and

it's like don't worry Mariana he may be

your first love but he is not your great

love after clearing the air with Mariana

Kellie tries to sort of do the same

thing with Jude but not really

she asks Jude if he hooked up with

Carter and Jude says no but I hooked up

with some other guy that I found on this

app Jude says that he feels sorry for

Carter having hit on girls to compensate

for being in the closet - which Callie

asked Jude what on earth he's

compensating for hooking up with all

these random dudes - Shay right well

it's brought out the Jude at least has a

family to talk to but then Jude says

that he doesn't want to talk and just

says that he's fine

Jaime then finds Callie and brings her a

drink we learned that Callie got the

clerkship she wanted with Judge

Engelmann but it's in San Francisco now

Jaime of course tries to plead the case

for her to take the job in LA with that

other judge and how being a progressive

influence on a conservative judge could

be a more fulfilling job and how if she

chooses LA she'll already have a friend

or maybe more than a friend as she

finally makes a move and kisses him as

for hey she said Emma there ending is a

bit more heartbreaking and by a bit I

kind of mean a lot jaden of course

confronts hey Sue's about having a

girlfriend which he technically didn't

have at the time he then tells Emma it

didn't mean anything with Jaden and he's

sorry and it was just weird with her but

Emma says she gets it she then makes a

really tough decision she says they've

been together since they were around 15

and 16 they don't know what it's like to

be with anyone else so maybe they

actually do need time apart with other

people to figure out what they want now

even though this decision is truly

heartbreaking and neither truly wanted

she says they need to figure out who

they are without each other and if they

are meant to be they will find their way

back to each other are you on box three

of Kleenex yet now it's time to pack up

and head home and when our family

returns home Mariana and haters actually

make amends and she says they should

actually be the ones to go backpacking

in Europe together I honestly would love

to see a web series on that because the

dynamic of these two in Europe living in

hostels or whatever they'd be doing I

feel like it would just be kind of funny

to watch when Jude goes up to his room

he finds Korey asleep in his bed because

Korey took the bus to their house and no

one knows that he's there his mom

actually wants him back and he's just


on what to do because he also really

loves Stef and Lena and they end up

telling him that decision is up to him

and whatever he chooses is okay he

actually ends up choosing to go back

with his mother but Stefan Lena promised

to always be a part of his life if

they'll let him and he's of course says


now overhearing their talk prompts Jude

to finally open up about his struggles -

Stef and Lena he goes to talk to the

moms and Callie also happens to walk by

and stays Jude says that he's failing

two classes and he thought it was ready

to go - way to school and he really

wanted to prove so hard that he was okay

and he was up for this challenge but he

just ended up feeling so lost and with

everyone else having a lot of other

things going on in their own personal

lives he didn't want to bug them with

its own problems so he found other ways

to try to not feel lost which include

hooking up with a lot of random guys

yeah he thought he could handle things

on his own but he really couldn't and he

says he really misses everyone being at

home together

Lena then comforts him and said that

they just now have to work harder to

keep in touch with each other and they

are so sorry for not realizing how much

Jude was struggling and then they

thanked him for finally sharing his

struggles and Callie and Jude then crawl

into bed between Stef and Lena and there

goes boxes four five and six and my


we then flash forward a few months to

after Brandon analyzes honeymoon and the

Adams foster family is back together and

planning to take Corey to Disneyland it

was first just gonna be the moms but now

it seems like it's gonna be a family


Callie indeed took the job in LA to be

closer to Jude not Jaime to be closer to

Jude and at first this seems to upset

Mariana who took a job in Silicon Valley

to be near Callie Callie then points out

though that Mariana got multiple job

offers with some in LA and that if she

comes to LA they could be rubies and

that of course queues up for the

spin-off good shovel coming in 2019 I'm

also guessing since they're going LA we

might get some more of Jamie in the

spin-off which I like Bo merch off I

actually kind of like this Jamie

character so I'm all for it but also

seeing Callie and Jamie date to me just

feels weird I think they'd be great

friends and it it's a fun bantering

dynamic between the two but if they

dated wouldn't that just make family

functions weird since Callie would be

dating Brandon's brother in law and

there's already kind of awkwardness I

don't know that's a whole tangled web

that I don't know if I can fully think


right now now the real reason the family

got back together for dinner was because

they all wanted to tell Lena that they

are supporting her to run for state

assembly and that she really needs to

Steph even admits that she wasn't so

sure about Lena running until that talk

with Jim and Diane in Turks and Caicos

and she saw how supportive they actually

could be and work so that means that

it's time for the family to sell the

house pack up and move before selling

the house we get one last Brandon and

Kelly moment as Callie jokes about Eliza

probably being thrilled that she's

moving to LA - Brandon actually says

that Eliza's all good with Callie now

and that the two of them Brandon and

Callie made the right choice choosing

their family over each other because if

they had actually chosen each other who

knows what would have happened the

romance probably could have fizzled out

and then they wouldn't be in each

other's lives so at least now they're

family and they'll always have each

other and they'll always be each other's

best friends the episode that ends with

another short time jump as Lena and Stef

say goodbye to Frankie's tree and they

take one last photo in front of the

house that they just sold and then

everyone drives off into their own

separate directions to begin their new

journeys and with that my friends the

Fosters has sadly come to an end and

like I said before I'm actually really

happy with this finale because everyone

ends on a happy note and is starting a

brand new discovery new journey I mean

sure Emma and hey sis their breakup was

not that happy but think about it

hey Susie's doing a lot better with his

TBI and he's ready to go start a new

business and just kind of explore the

world and I love seeing how far he has

come as well and also like I said I'm

sure there are plenty of characters we

would have liked to have known what

happened to in this finale but like I

said they didn't shove it in our faces

to try - fanservice every single person

every single character we've had in an

episode because that's happened on some

other series finales and then it just

gets too cluttered and just too

over-the-top the only character I think

we dig in a mention of in these three

episodes was Noah who we learned one off

the Syracuse and ended up getting

another boyfriend so it seems like we're

just gonna have to kind of wander in our

imaginations what happened to characters

like him and poppy AJ Sophia Daphne and

others but who knows who might pop up in

the spin-off right I mean Sofia is

Callie's sister so who knows she could

maybe come visit her in LA at some point

but now it is your turn

let me know what you thought about the

series finale of the Fosters are you

happy with where the characters ended up

and what do you hope to see in the

spinoff with Callie and Mariana are

there any questions that are unanswered

that you're still curious about plus

what has been your favorite moment from

the Fosters and maybe how has this show

even impacted you so many questions I

know but I love hearing all of your

thoughts so hit up the comments and just

type away type away guys let's just

pretend the Fosters didn't end and and

we can just live it's still in the

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I will be right here in the same chair

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other things as well thank you guys for

going on this long five year journey of

the Fosters with me see you again soon