How Change The Font Size in Windows 10

hey guys to take here and in this video

I'm gonna make this video for you old

folks that need to increase the font

size in Windows 10 because there's some

people that actually work with fixing

computers and they're old and they don't

have the best eyesight and they made a

complaint that I get is that Windows 10

to fonts too small and all the icons and

all kinds of stuff and I'm going to show

you how you can increase the font size

and Windows 10 very simply this is a

very simple video and I'm running on a

virtual machine but it's okay it's gonna

work the exactly the same on any version

of Windows 10 if you right-click on any

open area of the desktop and you go down

to where it says per display settings

this will open up the display settings

window in here you have skill and layout

in here is where you change your font

size you can change it to 175 percent

which is going to be really really

really big and I personally don't like

that one bit at all you can change it to

50 150 percent which is a bit more

durable and even finally more preferable

125 percent and you can see the

difference is made here the icons are

bigger you can probably maybe read what

you're doing more on the computer if

you're old and you don't have the best

eyesight and that's a basic feature

that's that most people wouldn't know

but if you're and let's face it if

you're someone that's old and you don't

know where to look around for these

sentence this video is for you and you

can even enter a fixed amount so if you

don't like the default selection here

you can go into custom scale and you can

write maybe 115 instead and then you can

click apply and it's going to say the

custom scale factor won't be applied to

you sign out so what you have to do is

you have to click here sign out and sign

back into a mere account

and when you do that the font will be

adjusted to that custom preference that

you have and now I'm you can basically

customize the font size and Windows 10

to whatever you want

it works with throughout the whole

operating system so um if you enjoy

these videos remember to comment rate

and subscribe but hopefully that helped

you out make the font a bit bigger so

you can see better and thanks for