Windows 7 How To: Increase or Decrease your Font Size

hey welcome to the computer TV tutorial

series on some of the Windows 7 features

you may not know about including the one

we're going to show you right now which

is how to increase or decrease the font

size in Windows 7

now as screens get to be higher in

higher resolutions those of you that

don't necessarily have great eyesight or

don't necessarily like to squint at

small text on a screen may not know that

you can actually increase the font size

system-wide so it's not as difficult to

read the text of course inversely you

can also reduce that font size as well

and we'll show you how to do it now the

first step when you are going to be

increasing or decreasing the font size

in Windows 7 is to click on your Start

menu and click on control panel over

there on the right hand side then you're

going to click on appearance and

personalization and from there click on

the display menu item then you're going

to see to actually you'll see three

different options for your font size you

can either select 100% 125 or 150

percent from right here or you can set a

custom size as you would have in Vista

or Windows XP as well so go ahead and

set your new size click on apply

and then it will prompt you to log off

and then log on to your computer you

reboot your computer and you will

actually have a larger font size

throughout your computer system wide so

you don't have to squint every time you

sit down at your PC that is how you

increase or decrease the font size on

your Windows 7 computer