10 things I wish I knew before I started the flute

hi everybody and welcome to the flute

practice today we are going to be

looking at that ten things that I wish I

knew about the flute before I started

playing the flute if any of you are here

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check it out number one it's not spit

its condensation I'm serious guys it is

not spit it is condensation people are

gonna be like yeah that's so gross out

of all the wind instruments we are the

one instrument that doesn't actually we

don't touch the instrument with any

inside part of our mouth we touch it

with the bottom part of our lip it's not

spit its condensation number two meet

your new best friend no not that one

nope not that one that one yep you're

gonna spend a lot of time playing in the

really high register so you want to make

really good friends with these ledger

lines cuz you're gonna be hanging out a

lot your flute is going to be shiny for

about five minutes when you get it and

then it's gonna start like oxidizing and

getting full of dust and all sorts of

things and you're gonna spend the rest

of your life trying to polish it clean

and make it look good there is nothing

more cliched then the whole food section

sitting there like polishing their flute

between you know in rehearsal between

bars of rest or whatever it's just the

way it is unless you have a gold flute

or platinum flute in which case get out

I'm joking I'm joking

that's great good on you this is a list

of the instruments that we are louder

than and this is a list of the

instruments that are louder than us yep

the flute is a famously very quiet

instrument not exactly your loudest

instrument you know but don't worry we

have two things to comfort us number one

we still later than recorders number two

if people complain about you being too

soft hello

speaking of recorders most people have

no idea what the flute is gonna be like

oh you play the flute you do me like

you're gonna play the flute and be like

is that that one you may be like no

that's that's the recorder or the


some of them might think it's a clarinet

so you're gonna spend a lot of your life

educating people about the flute this is

what an average piece of flute music

looks like yep that's that's the one we

have to play a lot of notes in a really

short space of time for a lot of our

life so get used to it

many musicians won't take you seriously

I mean in their defense we don't even

know what to call ourselves like flutist

florists flute player I mean I would

struggle to take someone seriously that

doesn't even know how to you know name

themselves call themselves don't try and

argue with people on this one you know

especially a string player like they

have works by all the great composers we

we cannot compete there are no facts you

can lay on the table if you're having

problems with anybody just take your

piccolo out again play some really high

G's maybe even some high seas and just

wait for them to go away it should

happen pretty fast

the second you pick up a flute into your

hands you are going to be entering into

the world of competition flute players

you know and most musicians but flute

plays especially are famously

competitive and before you're one of

those players they're like no man I love

all of my flute playing friends we're

all great oh really is that sorry

think very carefully now my friends

think very carefully there is always

that little ooh what piece of you busy

playing ooh what gig have you got next

weekend Oh what are you doing this

holiday and we're always just measuring

each other up a little bit yes I

encourage us not to do that yes we

will do and it's you know very bad on

healthy behaviors but I say the first

step to recovery is admitting that it's

there and welcome to the world of

feeling guilty about breathing all the

time as flute players we are not allowed

to breathe we have pieces like ba where

we're you know told oh breathing ha ha

there is no good place to breathe or

that one day BC where people are like

it's competition who can get through

this whole thing without breathing

you will feel guilty about every breath

you take from now on my friends so take

your last good breaths if you haven't

started playing the flute yet and then

welcome there is such a thing as bad

tone days it's real it happens to all of

us when you have in one of them don't

think it's in your head or you making it

up it's real it says it's a true story

they are 10 times worse than bad hair

days and they happen a lot more

frequently I'm gonna throw in a little

bonus number 11 here and that is that

you are going to love your flute as much

as you thought you would if not way more

and if any of these points should deter

you don't let them this is an awesome

instrument and/or welcome to the flute

family if you have decided to join us

share this guys share this with your

flute friends and just spread the flute

love it is a cool instrument is it a

great community to be a part of so let's

all keep smiling keep laughing and

having lots of fun with Alfred