Why Is The Flu So Bad This Year? | CNBC

we hear that the this year's vaccines

only been 10 percent effective will we

ever get past this annual guessing game

that the companies have to do where we

have a more effective vaccine every year

three things to understand first every

year we track how flu changes around the

world to try to predict what's going to

happen here Australia had a 10%

effectiveness we think we may see a 30%

effectiveness that's still a whole lot

better than a zero present effectiveness

which is what you get if you don't get

the vaccine second there are lots of

things you can do besides or in addition

to vaccinations that can help wash your

hands cover your coffee if you're sick

don't go out and make other people sick

that really does increase the spread

through society alright and if you're

sick go to the hospital or your doctor

and see about getting Tamiflu because

that could reduce your illness and keep

you out of the hospital or make you not

get as sick as you would be otherwise

I've been washing my hands like crazy

and I and I got the flu vaccine now that

we know more about how bad this

particular strand is is there anything

else people can do are there any

follow-up vaccines or anything like that

because again you know as you know well

know about New York City it's kind of

hard to avoid contact with a lot of

other potentially sick people it is and

every year that's why flu causes tens of

millions of illnesses and hundreds of

thousands of hospitalizations it's why

it's important that everyone get a flu

shot but there are limited things that

we can do as individuals there are

things that we can do as a society some

of the things I'm really insisting that

people not go to work sick cover your

mouth when you cough do make a

difference if you do get sick important

to consider getting medication because

that can keep you out of the hospital or

make you less sick Meg dr. Frieden it's

a--it's Meg Terrell out in San Francisco

of course flu is a huge problem but

we're also hearing about perhaps the US

and the world's lack of preparedness for

other huge pandemics and if we get

something that we really have no way of

addressing pharmaceutical companies may

not be incentivized based on past

experiences to really step up there and

put aside their more profit making work

to work there what solutions do you see

if any on the horizon for it for fixing

that problem in Ebola the companies did

come forward

and come up with new products they

worked hard they put their own money

into it so there was a lot of really

good governance good citizenship during

Ebola we need that kind of approach even

when there's not a global epidemic that

means that Congress needs to come up

with the money to fund the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention to be

able to strengthen the systems around

the world to find stop and prevent

health threats where they emerge so we

can fight them there and don't have to

fight them here the IV bag thing is

freaking me out I mean when you read

about this have such a basic thing can

be in such short supply to understand

the Puerto Rico storms hit but the

articles have also raised concerns about

the quality of these bags period over

the last couple of years what can be

done there to quickly get more IV bags

up and running and make sure that

they're not defective it's important

that we recognize that if you have a

just-in-time delivery system you're

going to have a problem when you have a

surge so you have to anticipate surges

like flu and build up your stock before

them and come up with redundant systems

in an emergency you don't want to be

breaking the glass and trying something

new you want to have a robust system

that you can scale up when needed by the

way is it my imagination are we hearing

more about fatalities this year than in

past years it's likely that we may

tragically see more fatalities this year

this strain of flu is usually tougher on

the elderly as well as on kids so if

that just speaks to your suggestion that

if you get sick you know seek care

immediately right absolutely

don't don't wait don't just get in bed

and wait for it to go away particularly

if you have an underlying health

condition the lung problem or a heart

problem or you're older these are the

people who are more likely to get into

serious problems or women who are

pregnant if you get very sick from flu

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