ASK UNMC! What is the ineffectiveness of this year's flu vaccine and what should I know?


so even though we're into the flu season

it's not too late to get the vaccine it

takes about two weeks from the time you

get the shot to when you have immunity

to the influenza and even though we're

not quite sure what the match is even if

it's not a good match there's some

information to suggest that you'll have

what we call an attenuated case or a

more mild case of flu even if the match

is not perfect we are worried about this

year's flu season we tend to look at the

season on Australia to help to predict

what we're going to see during our

winter months so again the winter and

the summer are reversed in the northern

and southern hemispheres so the flu

season in Australia last season was

particularly severe and was caused by a

strain that we call h3n2 so we're

worried that we may see a severe season

here in the United States the h3n2 type

of flu tends to be more severe anyway

and there's some indications that the

vaccine may not be as effective against

that strain right now it's too early in

the season to really say whether the

vaccine strain matches with the

circulating community strain the initial

information seems like it's a pretty

favorable match but it's still pretty

early to say