Old Glory

I would like for you to know that I

believe that if our flag could speak

these are the words that it would say

ladies and gentlemen I now present Old


I am the flag of the United States of

America my name is Old Glory i flattop

the world's tallest buildings and I

stand watch in America's halls of


I fly majestically across the great

institutions of learning and I stand

guard with the greatest military power

in the world look up and see me

I stand for peace truth honor and

justice I stand for freedom

I am confident I am brave I am proud and

I am ready when I am flown with my

fellow banners my head is held a little

higher my arms are loose true except for

my god I bow to no one I am recognized

all over the world

I am sovereign I am saluted I am

respected I am honored I am loved and

yet I am feared I have fought in every

battle of every war for more than 200

years some of these battles include

Gettysburg Shiloh Appomattox n1 Hill the

churches of France the Aragon forest

Anzio Rome the beaches of Normandy Guam

Okinawa Korea kiss on Saigon Vietnam


waiting area and souls of other places

long forgotten by all except those that

were there with me I know because I was

there I lived my special operations

forces in the quiet of the night and at

the tip of the sphere

I saw them fight fearlessly throughout

the globe every day of the year I

watched over them even through the

casualties of desert one and they still

loved to me Iwo Jima I was dirty battle

worn entirely by soldiers and my sailors

my airmen my Coast Guardsmen my Marines

they all cheered me and I was so very

proud I was at Ground Zero in New York

City on September the 11th as Hamid

Lieber Maddox of tact America

I was raised from the ashes of once

proud buildings by brave firefighters

these were heroes who risk their lives

to save others showing all that America

although bloody will never be beaten

because those would be stormy cannot win

rely on the similar freedom of one

nation under God indivisible with

liberty and justice for all

I have been soiled I've been burned I've

been torn and I have been trampled on in

the streets of my own country and when

it is done by those who I have served

with in battle it hurts but hear me

today when I say I will overcome because

I am strong I have slipped the surly

bonds of Earth and from my vantage point

on the moon

then what over the uncharted new

frontiers of space and I have been that

silent witness to all of America's

finest hours but my finest hour comes

when my stripes are torn into strips to

be used that's bandages to cover the

wounds of my fellow comrades on fulfill

the battle also when I fly half mass to

honor my soldiers and my sailors by

airmen my Coast Guardsman my Marines but

most importantly when I'm placed into

the trembling arms of a grieving mother

at the gravesite of her phone and son or

fallen daughter it's so very proud my

name is Old Glory long way I wave dear


long way away