Here's why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms

a lot of people ask why the US flag

reversed when it's on an arm patch of

the US military hello I'm Tim Marshall

and I've got any paper back out worth

dying for

the power and politics of flags just as

the US flag dips to no man or King and

it you'll see even at the Olympic

ceremonies the American flag is the only

one that doesn't get to the head of

state of the host country because it is

not a mark of disrespect to them it's a

not respect to the local flag and they

take it so seriously that it must always

face forward and on a flagpole that puts

the stars on the left hand side next to

the flagpole that the most prestigious

position on an arm patch you're looking

at it differently and when the soldier

or marine or whatever marches forward

the US flag must face forward it must

not be seen to be a retreat and so the

stars are actually now on the right hand

side of their badge and so they face for

just as it never retreat it's always in

a special position when it's flown on a

car you might think this is taking

things to extremes but when you really

get to the bottom of flags they are

about extremes of passion and it's wings

of the leaf and the Americans take my

flying very that