why are we even talking about nutrition

health and fitness Stefan Bachelor of

nutrition and SXT fit today we're going

to talk about why is everyone talking

about nutrition health and fitness we're

talking about this subject because

there's been a change in society where

the need to exercise has shifted from

being automatically a part of our lives

is something we have to choose to be a

part of our lives

for example thirty-one point seven

percent of people in England in the

1800s worked in agriculture fast-forward

to 2012 and that numbers only one point

two percent old-style agricultural work

such as lifting iron blades high into

the sky then driving them hard into the

soil to harvest seeds and using one

strength to hold down the back of a

horse-drawn plow so that it can be

driven into the ground where seeds can

be sown this type of work was tough and

energy expending fast-forward to 2011 a

systematic review by Owen outlined that

we spent fifty to sixty percent of our

day without backs and our politics is on

those chairs as more people work sitting

down in front of those HP and Max

screens iPhones and Samsung galaxys our

risk of developing metabolic diseases

actually increases obesity is a major

risk factor for cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular disease was the leading

cause of death in 2012 so you can start

to see that nutrition health and fitness

is really important in today's age where

society's changed from working out in

the fields you know back in the day to

now sitting behind desks so who does it

affect well it affects everyone from

children to teenagers to adults and

elderly people children and teenagers

can set up their lives with good or bad

habits that are largely influenced by

their parents adults will then go on to

follow those habits that they've

developed as children and as teenagers

ultimately elderly people will pay the

price or benefit from the choices that

they've made throughout their life in

regards to how they've eaten how they've

exercised and how they've kept them

ongoing so ultimately nutrition health

and fitness affects everyone when does

this change occurred from working into

the farms to now sitting in offices from

the Industrial Revolution

which is the main reason why our economy

functions the way it is today and that

happened in the 1800s so within 200

years we've seen a change in how people

are exercising and eating in their day

so where is this taking place it's

taking place all around the globe in

developed countries such as America

United Kingdom Australia but it's not

immune to developing nations as well

such as India and also West African

nations are also starting to see a need

for exercise regimes fitness advice

health advice as obesity rates are

starting to increase in low and middle

calm sectors so why is it important to

know about nutrition health and fitness

but without it we can develop obesity

which can lead to many chronic diseases

such as type 2 diabetes hypertension

which is high blood pressure and

cardiovascular disease as mentioned

before ladies and gents most of us live

in a place in the world where more

people die from obesity than we do from

starvation which is absolutely crazy to

think of as of 2016 nearly 40% of all

people over the age of 18 were

overweight that is some staggering stuff

so we talked about this change from our

lifestyle of you know going from working

in the farms to now sitting behind

computers for the majority of people how

is this change occur well it's taken

place because it companies have gotten


economies have gotten larger and

technology has gotten more advanced I'll

give you an example why would I go to a

farm and individually use a shovel or a

pickaxe and plant seeds when technology

advances have meant that we have

tractors that a massive a massive scale

that they can go through the farms go

through the lanes go through the plant

lanes and they can uproot the plants

uproot the ground

plant the seeds for us so that's an

example of technology advances we talk

about companies getting larger and

bigger being come

okay they developed insulin

infrastructure to develop those tractors

so companies getting bigger more

tractors we don't need to be physically

out there in the farms working okay so

we can start to see that things changes

in jobs changes in the way we live

changes in how we exercise and how we

eat so guys to sum up today's video our

lifestyles have changed over time and

this has affected what we eat and how

much exercise we do on a daily basis it

has changed due to company advances

advances in technology and that's led to

job changes so this is resulted in more

people suffering from over nutrition and


rather than starvation which is

absolutely crazy considering 200 years


in 1820 94 percent of the population

lived in absolute poverty this means I

lived without the basic necessities of

food water shelter and medicine so when

we turn to Instagram when we turn a face

but when we turn to YouTube and we see

so many people talking about fitness

health and nutrition hopefully now we

understand why but has been taken out of

our normal daily life so now we have to

compensate and refill it by going out

there and looking for it does that make

sense guys that's it for today please

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