How to restart the Fitbit Charge 2 (Useful Hack!!)


a very good afternoon to you this is a

tech guru whoa look all things technical

today we're going to be looking at how

to restart the Fitbit charge to device

now it's a very simple process but when

had this myself I was wondering how you

actually go about restarting it so I had

to do a bit of digging and I found it

eventually but it wasn't apparent

straightaway so I just really wanted to

make this video and share this with you

now I've made quite a few videos

regarding the Fitbit charge - like to

change your clubface how to sort of how

to charge it - etc so I guess it's just

adding to a list of slightly longer

videos and really short videos on just

sort of things which you can actually do

with the Fitbit - device so we're going

to demonstrate that at the moment but if

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itself so we're now going to talk about

how to actually restart the device now

there may be various reasons why you

want to restart the device it may not be

counting steps for example it may not be

responding to swiping the screen or

touching the screen should I say there

may be various reasons for it and it's

often a good place to start to actually

restart the device now when you restart

it from what I understand it doesn't

lose any information on the device

that's like and the information itself

the only thing it may lose is if we've

got notifications actually sorted the

device it may lose those but it does in

fact you reset it so that that's not a

problem and I've had to do it a few

times to be fair with you so and it's

been absolutely fine so just really

wanted to to demonstrate this to you

today so what we need is the laptop like

you see here a charging cable here which

actually goes with the charge to itself

and then obviously the Fitbit charge -

so let me demonstrate it this as the

sexuality it's dead simple

okay so if you plug it into the device

first make sure that the device is

turned on so make sure obviously that

the laptops turned on and then what we

can do is actually you could clip it

onto the actual device Fitbit charge

itself now you can see that to charge

simple there now that's a good indicator

because that actually means it's all

connected and working correctly in terms

of ready for charge so in terms of

actually restarting the device when this

is all connected up to the laptop and

the charge code is on you literally push

the button here for about five to ten

seconds okay and you'll see there the

Fitbit logo appear and actually a number

underneath now that's the version number

so basically that's it and then the

screen goes blank so that is actually

restarted the device and it's really

quick so if you just then unplug the

charger cable

Anoosh you can see here then if we press

the button we can actually see that it's

functioning again now that was a really

quick sort of process but it did

actually restart the Fitbit charge too

so there we are now as I said if you've

had any problems in terms of doing

activity tracker whether it's not

counting the number of steps or it's not

responding that is a really sort of good

place to start in terms of actually

restarting it I'll see if that doesn't

work then you need to look into what

other sort of issues there may be but

that quite often more often okay so

that's it for today as I said early

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