The Meaning of the Jesus Fish Symbol (ICHTHUS)

hey this is Jared DS at the religion

teacher calm and you may have seen a

symbol or four often called the Jesus

fish looks like this a very simple

picture of a fish on the back of cars is

a bumper sticker I've got mine here my

Jesus fish bumper sticker I've also got

here in Christmas ornament a Jesus

Christmas ornament you can see there are

some letters and Greek printed in the

middle of this symbol because in reality

the Jesus fish symbol is an acronym in

Greek this is a very ancient symbol that

early Christians used in the Roman

Empire to avoid persecution it was

illegal to be a Christian to be

worshipping the gods other than the

Roman gods and because of that

Christians had to worship in secret so

they had to use artwork symbols to be

able to communicate truths and to be

able to talk with other Christians about

the faith that didn't make it clear that

they were practicing Christians and one

of those symbols was the Jesus fish in

the words in Greek spell out a phrase

that in English we would say eye an eye

is like a Jay in Greek so the first two

words are probably pretty obvious Jesus

in Christ so the Jesus fish helps us

remember that Jesus Christ and what

about Jesus Christ do we want to

communicate with this symbol th-the

first two letters of the Greek word for

God Theo's God why or often an H sound

would spell the word heõs which is Sun

and the last one Souter s o ter means


so the Jesus fish is actually a phrase

Jesus Christ son of God Savior that's

the meaning of the symbol

there are certainly biblical stories

about fish in the Bible but really this

or the origin of this symbol is meant to

express Jesus and what about Jesus he's

the son of God he's our Savior that's

what that symbol means in the back of

bumper stickers of cars that's what that

symbol has meant for hundreds and

hundreds of years especially there

during that time of Christian

persecution in the Roman Empire so go

make disciples god bless