Your First Period After Childbirth | Oakdale ObGyn



so a common question I have is when my

periods will return after I've had my

baby it's very dependent on whether a

mom is strictly breastfeeding with no

formula supplementation or if she is

adding a little bit of formula and still

making some breast milk and if some

women are just not breastfeeding

altogether so in women who strictly

breastfeed those women oftentimes will

not be a period of the entire time

they're breastfeeding because they lack

estrogen and higher amounts that make

münster lining shed with their period

and women who add formula there they're

making a little bit more estrogen so

they may see random spawning still not

consistent cycles for a while until

breastfeeding is completely done in

women who are immediately to formula

they're not breastfeeding those women

will have periods return almost within

the first four to six weeks after

they've had their baby and I always tell

them you know that first period is going

to be a heavier flow because semester

lining has gotten a chance to build

itself and so expect that women asked me

but if I don't get my period am I

actually ovulating am I going to be able

to get pregnant if I don't get my period

well the answer is yes even though you

don't get a period doesn't mean that

you're not releasing an egg it's less

common to really put egg every single

month when you're not seeing menstrual

flow but some women do so that is a time

that you still need to contracept

even though you're not seeing a period