Why Is The First Amendment Important?

I feel that Americans are very fond of

the freedom of speech and there's a lot

of complaining that happens about the

government there's a lot of frustration

about the toxic political atmosphere and

what the government is or isn't doing

but there's not enough action there's

not enough active citizens out there who

are who are exercising their other First

Amendment rights to petition the

government to contact their

representatives to assemble and to

gather support for the changes that they

they want to see made and I think that

it's important that we learn to use all

of our of our First Amendment rights and

not just hoist our frustrations but

actually put those into action the

things that the laws that are made the

regulations are created they do affect

our everyday life and if we can see that

then we can have more motivation and we

can see the steps then with which to

change those things that are affecting

us you know we went through in this trip

those tools that we have then to change

something and it was there's a thing

raps you guys know me say what they are

it's religion assembly press petition

speech and speech and we have to use all

five I guess I think that's part of it

another thing would be like educational

we learned up recently that a lot of

people aren't taught in schools about

their constitutional rights and how they

can work the government system as a

citizen and so improving the civic

education in schools would be really

important so that when people come

against a roadblock like that as an

adult when they have a idea of where to

start and where to go from well say I

had a store or grocery store and I love

selling fruits and vegetables and the

government said that I could only sell

me it's not free too much as well

I'd be upset about that so I would use

my the First Amendment and gather some

people who would be willing to help me

start a petition and go to my represent

representatives and just help help me

sell my fruits and vegetables it's using

the Internet out there as well as like

writing letters to newspapers and many

of our newspapers are digital down so

they are on the Internet and creating

maybe a digital type of petition and

then going forward with that to our

representatives that have them support

us so we're using the petition piece and

our wraps and also just making sure that

people understand what their rights are

using the Internet has pros and cons to

it but when we're using it for good so

to speak it makes it so that they can

get the information that they need so

they know who they have to go visit do

they have to see and what kind of things

they need to have signed yeah I mean we

have our country was built for a civic

responsibility for us to take this thing

by the reins and we have school board

meetings and we have so many local

things that we don't necessarily involve

ourselves in very often and yet those

are the things that can be so powerful

in our own lives and then like you said

so there's something we feel strongly

about we can write to our paper we can

go speak places and have

have that paper pick up articles about

us speaking we can gather petitions on

our social media we can put all of those

pieces together into one place and then

present that to policymaking foundations

like we learned about today I'm here in

Texas and we could say look this is

something a lot of people feel strongly

about can you help can you do the

research can you do some of the legwork

we're here to do it too but can you

bring it to our representative and we

can reach our representative we can go

writes our office knock on the door and

they'll meet with us