Art of Animation Resort - Finding Nemo Family Suite Tour

this is really nice 48:32 this way this

is nice and you have the vending area

okay 48:32 I'm gonna catch this door so

this is cute this is gonna fold out into

a bed here and this is a bathroom so

with the Suites you have two bathrooms

I love the tile backsplash so do you

guys think it's cuz that's gonna pull

out so that's a bit that's a bit you

Allison for you too that the bubbles

wait before you do that though you have

to move the chairs out of the way all

right so we're gonna show you guys how

this works so this sleeps six people so

- - and to build on their mistake oh

that's cute pillows oh yeah this is so


oh this is adorable

oh this is the master bathroom so you

have this oh it opens this way with the

same similar title they're in arguing

over who's gonna sleep later so so

question what does everybody start

tomorrow so they have cars they have

Lion King at Nemo and then they even

have to love our mate but the little

mermaids gonna be regular rules so it's

gonna be like outside you get into it

from the outside oh there's some pillows

up here baby said you have blankets here

and then you have your to make it looks

like you under the water those are

bubbles my husband's favorite Channel

yes there's two bathrooms like yeah

happy late birthday oh yeah yeah the

Royal room all right so that's a tour of

our suite we love it I'm gonna take

photos now because it's super cute I

love this what love it love it love it