Fun Facts about Fennec Foxes – Cute and Exotic Desert Animals

the fennec fox is the smallest member of

the dog family they range in size from

1.76 pounds and females to 3.3 pounds in

males and stand only eight inches tall

don't let the dainty size fool you

though this little fox can jump two feet

high and four feet forward when

springing into action to catch prey or

evade a predator they are tough to catch

which means they have few predators

Phenix are so well adapted for desert

life that they do not need to drink

instead fennec foxes gain much of their

water when the leaves roots fruits eggs

and animal prey that they find to eat in

harsh conditions they lap up

condensation that collects in their dens

even though fennec foxes are nocturnal

spending daylight within their dens and

becoming more active at night when

temperatures are cooler their feet are

heavily furred protecting the pads from

the hot desert sand

one noticeable characteristic of the

fennec fox is its oversized ears which

are around six inches long the fox's

tilt their heads from side to side while

triangulating sound so they can pinpoint

the exact location of tasty treats the

gears also serve as a way to dissipate

heat and keep cool in the desert heat

the largest populations of fennec fox

occur in the central Sahara but this fox

species can also be found in mountainous

and desert regions of northern Morocco

Kuwait or even in the northern Nigeria

and Chad fennec foxes are highly

specialized for life in the desert

especially in its arid sandy regions the

presence of desert grasses or any other

vegetation type is very important for

them as these foxes often use such

plants for shelter fennec foxes are

known to find their may for life

a couple produces two to five pups per

year and the offspring sometimes stay

with the family even when new pups are

born fox pups reach their maturity at

the age of about nine months although

they grow up quickly fennec foxes may

live up to ten years in the wild or up

to fourteen years in captivity

fennec fox behavior is known mainly

through their observation in captivity

they are highly social animals enjoying

the company of other foxes and engaging

in play even as adults these animals

live in groups consisting of up to 10

individuals though the size of the group

is mostly determined by the amount of

food which is available on the territory

the fennec foxes use their paws to dig

out dens for their families the fox

parents live in the den with their

babies but there are often other Fox

dens with other families nearby these

animal species are known for their

social behavior they have even been

heard to purr when happy they sleep

during the day so they don't have to be

in the hot Sun if they do have to go out

their fur coats will protect them from

the Sun their fur is light beige which

helps the Fox blend into the desert

environment then at night that very same

fur coat keeps them warm

so it's an outfit that works no matter