Why Should We Fear God (Part 1)



fearing God his name where his word is

mentioned nearly 300 times in the entire

Bible anything mentioned this frequently

in Scripture suggests that it is

significant so why is it important for

us to fear the Lord

the Lord's command is clear you shall

fear the Lord your God but besides being

a command it is also a petition from the

Lord and now Israel what does the Lord

your God ask of you but to fear the Lord

your God just as God has never demanded

anyone to love him so he has never

forced anyone to fear him rather God

desires that people fear him as it says

in Deuteronomy 5 verse 29

oh that they had such a heart as this

always to fear me and to keep all my

Commandments that it might go well with

them and with their descendants forever

as Paul explained to the believers in

Philippi we need to work out our own

salvation with fear and trembling

because of the fact that God works in us

both to will and to do for his good


so since God created us for his good

pleasure and desires all men to be saved

we shouldn't look lightly upon our

salvation we can fulfill God's purpose

for our lives by being well pleasing and

acceptable to him and from Psalm 147

verse 11 we understand that the Lord

takes pleasure in those who fear Him in

those who hope in his steadfast love the

Lord wants us to fear only him because

he is a jealous God after the Lord

brought the Israelites out from the land

of Egypt Moses constantly warned them

not to forget him or to go after other

gods so that they would not provoke the

anger or jealousy of the Lord likewise

we should not fear any other God besides

the Lord or try to serve more than one

master because to do so would be an act

of utter betrayal and unfaithfulness

apart from his love and faithfulness the

Lord brought his people out of the land

of Egypt to show them his power in might

he led them protected them provided for

them and did great and awesome things

for them he did all these things so that

the Israelites and all the nations

surrounding them would fear him and be

greatly humbled

some people may think that fearing the

Lord is no longer relevant in the

present time since we are under a new

covenant of love and grace through Jesus


but Jesus clearly taught the people to

fear God and explained why but I will

warn you whom to fear fear Him who after

he has killed has authority to cast into

hell yes I tell you fear him no one is

able to destroy both soul and body in

hell except the Lord by the same token

no one is able to save a person but the


the book of Revelation also prophesied

that the hour of his judgment will come

one day so all people are to fear God

and give glory to him besides teaching

people to fear God Jesus also

demonstrated his own power and authority

during his ministry on earth to prove

that he was the son of God he had

authority over the wind and the sea

healed many people and performed many

other miracles the people who witnessed

these signs including his disciples

often marveled at the same time that

they were greatly afraid the Lord is a

great king who reigns over all the earth

he is to be feared above all gods

because every god that exists in this

world is an idol made by men but the

Lord made the heavens and the earth

therefore the highest heavens the earth

and all that is in it belong to him

honor and Majesty are before the Lord

and he is greatly to be praised

furthermore God's kingdom is one which

shall never be destroyed his Dominion

shall endure to the end because he alone

is the true and living God the

everlasting king all Dominion and fear

belonged to him even Solomon in all his

splendor and wisdom declared

perceive that whatever God does indoors

forever nothing can be added to it nor

anything taken from it God has done it

so that people fear before him a ruler

or judge who shows partiality takes

bribes or presses others is generally

not well received rather people want and

give their respect to those who are

honest just and righteous who use their

power to do good while human justice may

fail at times scripture tells us that

there is no iniquity with the Lord no

partiality nor taking of bribes and this

is the reason people should fear the

Almighty because he is exalted in power

and he does not oppress justice and

righteousness he does not regard any who

think they are wise but freely offers

redemption to every tribe language

people and nation as it says in acts 10

verse 35 but in every nation anyone who

fears him and does what is right is

acceptable to him


based on all the points mentioned

already we need to fear God because it

is only right that we do who would not

fear you O king of the nations for this

is your rightful due it is fitting for

the Lord to be feared because there is

none like him from among all the wise

men of the nations and in all their

kingdoms whether people on earth

realized to fear the Lord or not he is

and will always be worthy of all fear

praise glory and honor this is an

absolute truth which means that the fear

of him does not depend on man's beliefs

emotions shortcomings or abilities

nonetheless people still play an

important role in fearing God because he

is the father and master of us all in

the book of Malachi as the Lord said a

son honors his father and a servant his

master if then I am a father where is my

honor and if I am a master where is my



therefore it is especially important for

God's own people to walk in the fear of

him this is to prevent any potential

disgrace or reproach from the Gentiles

who do not fear God when Nehemiah found

out that the nobles and officials were

charging interests to their own Jewish

brethren he was angry for the sake of

God's glory and told them to restore

what was taken by usury in other words

when we are not honoring God's

commandments we are not honoring God

therefore we need to fear God in our

lives so that those who are not yet

believers have no reason to mock or

accuse us and in this way we can uphold

the glory and honor of God which he more

than deserves from his own creation