Quick Fix: Loud computer fans

hello everybody and welcome to another

quick fix video today I'm going to be

explaining to you why your computer is

so damn loud and what you can do to fix

it now I want you to keep in mind this

is a quick fix video so I'm not going to

explain to you how to install a water

cooling system on your computer I'm

gonna give you the shortest simplest way

to fix this problem

so let's start with the basics why is

your computer so loud well the short

answer is because of the fans inside the

computer the more your computer works

the hotter it gets the more the fans

have to spin to try to keep up with it

and a faster they spin the more noise

they make if your computer gets too hot

it could cause damage but sometimes your

fans spin a lot faster than they have to

sometimes they'll even spin all the time

at their maximum speed and that can

create a lot of unwanted noise so the

first thing I'm going to suggest is to

install speed fan this regulates the

speed of the fans based on a temperature

inside the computer your system already

does that but speed fan does it in a

much more efficient way and one of the

best things about this program is you

can choose to leave it on automatic or

you can set it to manual and if say you

want to keep your fans at about 70% you

can just leave them there so they won't

be as loud as if they're at a hundred

percent but to be honest it's probably

best to leave it on automatic because

the different amount of work that you

make a computer do makes the temperature

increase like I mentioned earlier so it

may not be a bad idea to leave it on

automatic that way you'll have to go

back and change you too so you start up

a game or something and it's going to

cause your computer to heat up and it'll

be stuck at 70% and like I said that

because and like I said that could cause

damage to your computer another simple

thing you can do is make sure your room

isn't too hot check the thermostat and

make sure it's not bumped up too much

average room temperature should be

between 21 and 23 degrees so if you've

got your set to about 30 degrees Celsius

just because you like it hot that's

great for you but not so great for your

computer and the last thing I'm going to

suggest is to clean and clear your

computer's vents you'll notice that

there's holes in your computer on the

top and on the side and those are the

vents where the air comes in and out it

pushes out the hot air so that the

cooler air can get inside the computer

and help keep your system cool but if

they get clogged up with

dirt or if you're putting stuff on top

of it that prevents the flow of air so

make sure you give you a computer a

little bit of space and if you see some

dirt or dust starting to build up on the

vents make sure to clean them out okay

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