European Weather Model vs. American: What's the difference?

the AirCam model is made by the ECMWF

the us model is the GFS made by the US

government both use the same basic data

but get different results based on

software differences and different

equations the American model is free

while access to the European one can

cost up to 150,000 euros a year the

European model thus has more computing

power so we can see more detail the US

version is made on slower computers but

it has improved a lot over the years the

u.s. model does four forecasts a day

which help it fix mistakes but can also

lead to a flip-flopping forecast the

European model does two a day but runs

an intensive system of quality checks

before running its program it also runs

its forecast after the US model giving

it more time to get information to make

a forecast the US model uses 3d

variational data assimilation meaning it

collects data at a precise time and

makes prediction based on that the

European model uses 40 variation so it

collects observations over a period of

hours updating information continuously

before it makes up its forecasts

forecasting isn't an exact science so in

order to make your best guess as to how

the weather will be the different

centers run a bunch of hypotheticals

changing up small variables to figure

out the most common and likely outcome

the US models assembles its forecasts

using 21 different hypothetical

situations the European model uses 51

either way a forecast is more accurate

the closer to the day within 48 hours

you'll usually get a pretty accurate

forecast regardless of the model making

it and besides most meteorologists use a

mixture models when making their

forecasts so whether you're team euro or

team US you're covered