Eurasian Collared Dove Invading The Country! Good or Bad?

sup guys Westerner here and it's just

another beautiful evening the day I got

Dexter my bird dog with me today we're

gonna talk about the Eurasian collared

those I didn't even know what they were

four years ago never even heard of it

all sudden song the paper like oh these

doves are freaking appearing out of



the next year I've seen one and then

ever since then I mean I've seen them

all over there everywhere I got a small

farm here and we've got bunches of them

some like really makes you wonder if

they're like extra-terrestrial spores or

something that just floated about and

now they're here and that's I did some

digging on them

turns out these things kind of

originated in the US at Florida back in

1982 and they've just spread throughout

the country there all the way up and

Canada now Canada

and freaking there are little bit bigger

than the mourning doves that we have

here natively


they got a color around their neck

black collar that's the dead ringer and

the state of Oregon so far is like yeah

you shoot as many of them as you want

have Adam and I don't see it I mean I

kind of like them so far I mean the

jury's still out if they're actually

hurting the native population so in that

time they're like well they're not

native go ahead and shoot them so like

they're bigger

I've heard they taste great and I don't

know about you guys but if if you've

ever had that dove wrapped in bacon and

cooked in the oven nothing like it

you'll totally dub it I mean love it

so you know they're open season go elmer

fudd on them and i got some maps here

check this out they're spreading like

flies on [ __ ] i mean they're everywhere

so far studies have shown that the

native birds haven't really been

affected and it's like so you know they

may who knows someday they may become

part of the game bird species even

though they're invasive I mean what we

got we got German brown trout Hungarian

Partridge catfish chucker pheasant

all of them are invasive species mean

that they were introduced or they're not

native but they're part of the game

seasons and bag limits in the US so next

up might be the collared dove but I was

kind of excited cuz we got the mourning

doves and they calm morning when crying

it's kind of sad thing here and it does

you're out the wood for anything to go

off it's like I was hoping these colored

doves we're gonna be like something more

you know upbeat and happy but turns out

they don't have that cool of a sound

I'll try and find a clip aurilla these

guys like ted's holdover which is

another good channel if you like

watching stuff get shot man he goes

apeshit on those collar nubs with his

air rifles he's not some dead

yep okay still one sitting there yep

good you know he definitely doing his

part keeping them from taking over but I

don't know not enough apparently because

they're all over the place I mean I just

had five of them that land in my treats

a couple minutes ago that was when I was

like I get to cook them up get the bean

but no such luck I suck didn't hit my

ass with both hands that's a good boy

you see that that's a good dog take care

of thanks for watching on Western