How to Fix Ethernet not Working

hello and welcome in this tutorial i'm

going to show you a few ways to

troubleshoot and fix your internet

connection on windows 10.

this is something that might seem like a

huge problem but most of the time it's

quite easy to fix

let's start with the absolute basics in

the bottom right corner of your screen

you have a few small pictograms one of

these is the icon of your internet


right click on it and select

troubleshoot problems

in your case it could very well be that

the symbol has red cross on it

your windows 10 operating system does

all the work with this method

it does a few standard checks and it

tries to come with a diagnosis of the


if the troubleshooter finds a problem it

often gives you the option to implement

the solution

in my case there are no problems so i

can't click on implement solution

if this doesn't fix your connection you

can go on to the next method

again you right click on your internet


this time you are going for the second

option open network and internet


next select change adapter options

this opens a new screen with all of the

available adapters for your computer

so the connection that you want to fix

is probably going to have red cross on


on my screen you can see the red cross

on the ethernet adapter

which is normal as i don't have a

network cable connected to my pc

let's continue with the next step you

right click on the ethernet or wi-fi

adapter and select

disable wait a few seconds until the

adapter is grayed out

we can enable it in the same way again

right click on the adapter

but this time you select enable this

refreshes the adapter settings

to be sure it's best that you wait maybe

half a minute before you test your


connection again hopefully this was

enough to fix the connection problem

if not you can continue with the next

step in the same window

we are again going to right click on the

adapter and this time we are going for

the diagnose option

this is similar to the first step the

windows 10 os is going to perform a few

tests to pinpoint any problems with the


in my case there are no problems to be

found if the diagnose option does find a


you can continue in this menu and

windows offers a solution

you normally don't need to perform

anything yourself besides clicking

next a few times in this menu if you are


experiencing problems now would be a

good time to reboot the pc

depending on the issue there is a decent

chance that a simple reboot can work

for the next method we stay in the

window with the network connections

right click on your ethernet or wi-fi

adapter and select properties

in the properties window we are going to

double click on

internet protocol version 4. next make

sure that the option to obtain an ip


automatically is checked on if you have

a specific ip address

change it to the top option click on ok

and again wait a few seconds before

checking if the internet connection is


if this option was already set close

this window and go back to the previous


in here we are going to uncheck the

internet protocol version 4 box and

click on ok

open the same window by right clicking

on the adapter and select properties

check the internet protocol version 4

box once more and click on ok

again you can try if your internet

connection is up and running

if not we have one more thing to try

that can fix your ethernet or wi-fi


this is a bit drastic but it has a big

chance of working

we switch back to the settings menu

scroll down and select the option

network reset a network reset removes

and reinstalls all of the network


and sets other network components back

to the original factory settings

this means that you probably need to

reinstall other networking software

normally windows remembers your wifi

password but it could be that you need

to enter it again

so make sure that you know the password

before you perform the network reset

try this method last as this might take

a bit more effort than the previous


click on reset now to continue windows

asks if you are certain that you want to

reset your network features click on yes

to continue

so using the network reset is going to

reboot your pc

as you can see on my screen the internet

adapters disappeared

once the reboot is complete they will be

automatically installed

if you are still having problems with

your internet connection you would do

best by taking a look at your router

it might very well be that the issue is

not on your pc but on one of your

network components

you can check with your internet

provider to be sure

hopefully you have a working internet

connection once more

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thanks for watching

and i'll see you in the next one