The Importance of English


there is an obvious point that more

people speak Chinese more nations have

Spanish as their mother tongue but

realistically english is the language of

choice throughout the world today it has

become an international language due to

being the language of trade

communication science and major

international media so is it really

worth putting all that time effort and

energy into learning English well let's

consider how English fluency might

impact your own life first and foremost

English opens new career opportunities

English is the dominant business

language it has become almost a

necessity for people to speak English if

they are to enter a global workforce

research from all over the world shows

that cross-border business communication

is most often conducted in English and

many international companies expect

employees to be fluent in English global

companies such as Airbus Daimler

Chrysler fast retailing Nokia Renault

Samsung S ap Technicolor and Microsoft

have mandated English as their official

corporate language therefore the

importance of learning English in the

international marketplace cannot be

understated and one day you might land

with a dream job here comes the second

point you can easily travel anywhere in

the world being able to speak English

makes it easier to travel because

English is spoken as a first or second

language in so many different countries

it is always easy to find English

speakers as well as printed information

in English especially at hotels and in

areas frequented by tourists in most

hotels at least one employee will speak

English this makes it easier for

customers to get what they need and

spend their money on moreover you will

find that some of your best interactions

will be with the people on the streets


trying to sell you something and people

around in short words English will

bridge the communication gap on your

travels and make travelling a breeze

this bring us to our third point English

gives you wider access to knowledge many

universities and schools worldwide are

offering an increasing number of courses

taught exclusively in English the

English language gives students access

to information and research since many

of the top academic journals are

published in English students and

academics need strong English reading

and writing skills to better understand

and take advantage of it moreover for a

research study or other publication to

get sufficient attention it should be

published in English in order to take

advantage of a number of study

opportunities and courses English will

be a necessity finally speaking English

gives you access to a world of

entertainment many of the world's top

films books and music are published and

produced in English therefore by

learning English you will have access to

a great wealth of entertainment and will

be able to have a greater cultural

understanding if you speak English

you won't need to rely on translations

and subtitles anymore to enjoy your

favourite books songs films and TV shows

watching movies and television

programmes in the English language is

also a great and fun way to learn it by

concluding this lesson we can say

English is incredibly important for a

whole range of reasons take the time to

have fun learning English by listening

to music watching a movie challenging

yourself to games in English there are

so many opportunities to learn English

while having fun there's no excuse not

to enjoy yourself even if you have to

learn grammar


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